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by Vince Neil Young Jeezy at . Comments

Britney Spears has abruptly broken up with boyfriend David Lucado after 18 months together.

"Broken up" is probably too nice. Amazingly, Britney dumped Lucado for cheating on her!

Britney Spears Elton John Party

David apparently hooked up with some random girl on the dance floor recently, and this was caught on a video which was shopped around Hollywood!

The buyer? Her father Jamie Spears, who secured it and showed it to the pop superstar.

It's not clear from whom he bought it, but her dad and guardian said through his rep that he did what he had to do to protect Spears from the media and Lucado.

Spears, for her part, posted an Instagram video called "sh!tty day" and has confirmed she is single again, though she has not gone into any more detail.

Follow the above links for more details ... about what an absolute idiot David Lucado is.

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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Remember six years ago when Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship?

Well, amazingly it's still intact, which means the 32-year-old mother of two is still her father's legal responsibility.

We doubt that's caused Brit too many problems during the last couple years, as she seems to have her act together for the most part these days.

It may soon present an issue, however, as sources say Britney and David Lucado are ready to start a family, and with the way things stand they'll need permission from Brit's dad - and maybe even her medical team - in order to get married. 

Britney Spears

“Even though Britney is doing very well, there are no plans to end the conservatorship anytime soon,” the insider explains. “Her doctors just don’t think she is ready to be on her own yet.”

Yes, despite her millions of dollars and global fame Britney may not be able to marry Lucado without her dad's go-ahead.

Expect Brit to get fed up and take this thing before a judge in the near future.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Britney Spears has had numerous ups and downs in her career and personal life, but judging from a recent photo that the singer posted a photo of herself and her two sons, all is finally well in Britney-land.

Britney With Sean and Jayden

"What's up summer!!!" reads the caption for the above photo of Britney, Sean and Jayden.

Based on their healthy, happy appearances, we'd say the season is certainly being kind to the Spears family thus far.

For those of you who remember the days when Britney getting knocked up was a big story, prepare to feel old: Brit's two boys are now eight and nine years old.

Of course, Brit's currently enjoying a residency in Vegas and the family spends most of their downtime in LA and Hawaii, so the start of summer isn't such a big deal to the Spears boys, but still - it's nice to see they're enjoying it.

Spears' boyfriend (and possible fiance) David Lucado obviously doesn't appear in the photo, but sources say things are going swimmingly in Britney's love life as well.

Keep killin' it, Brit!

by Jamie Lee Curtis Granderson at . Comments

Britney Spears is being sued for battery and negligence by a dancer who worked with the pop star on her "Work B---h" music video.

Britney Spears Elton John Party

In the complaint, Dawn Noel claims that when Brit Brit arrived on set for the video shoot in August, she was "in a disheveled and confused state." She adds that, "although the choreography involving Britney Spears was fairly basic, she was having difficulty learning the moves, performing dance steps and following simple directions."

Burning Queen Brit Brit?  Ouch.

The dancer says that after about a half hour of rehearsing, Spears "twirled in an unbalanced and reckless manner, arms extended out to her sides and forcefully backhanded" her directly in the face. The impact was supposedly so loud that everyone in the room heard the crack. 

Dawn says she was in excruciating pain, but all Britney could manage was, "I'm sorry," very nonchalantly, and then continued the rehearsal.  Dawn was supposedly in so much pain, that she remained there for 30 minutes, before going to see a doctor.  The doctor told her she had a nasal bone fracture and needed surgery, which Spears' reps and the Reign Deer Entertainment company that her medical bills promised to pay.  

However, Noel claims that she was later told that the bills would NOT be paid, which is why she ultimately filed the suit.  Her lawyer says she is suing for serious physical and emotional damages including disfigurement to her nose as well as severe emotional distress and anxiety.

Noel is demanding a jury trial. K, girl.  

by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

Well that was fast!

After news broke this morning that Britney's little sister Jamie Lynn Spears was engaged, sources now confirm that she married fiance Jamie Watson this evening at Audubon Tea Room in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jamie Lynn's adorable 5 year old Maddie was flower girl and carried a bouquet of pink and white flowers.

This is Jamie's first marriage and second engagement -- her first engagement to Maddie's dad Casey Aldridge fell through in 2010.

Big sister Britney, along with her boyfriend David Lucado and two sons Sean, 8 and Jayden , 7 were present as well.

Best wishes to the new couple!

Photo: WENN

by Meg at . Comments
planet hollywood red carpet piece of me debut

Among the star-studded concert-goers attending the debut of Britney Spears' 'Piece of Me' show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas over the weekend were Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

Both of the A-list entertainers were in Sin City for other gigs and decided to take in the first official performance kicking off Britney's two-year residency.

The 'ROAR' singer will entertain at a private New Year's Eve party on Tuesday and the 'Wrecking Ball' celeb was set to appear at the grand opening of Beacher's Madhouse just down the street at MGM Grand.

Billboard described Brit's 24-song Vegas show as "a non-stop hits bonanza."  The 90-minute show featured a massive rotating tree, pyrotechnics, rain, fire, an army of dancers and the singer "flying."

Among those walking the red carpet were television and film actress Ivana Milicevic, 'Extra' host Mario Lopez and former 'Idol' runner-up Adam Lambert.

Selena Gomez also took in the action according to social media, though she apparently shunned the red carpet.  The former Disney celeb tweeted, "Sia!! Thank you soooo much for taking me to Britney!!!! Ahhhh"

mario and adam hit britneys debut show

Britney interacted with Miley, who was seated in the front row during the high energy performance.  The bump and grind session was likely orchestrated beforehand and included a make out interlude with two of Spears' female dancers.
britney and miley at planet hollywood

The pop princess did some grinding as the 'BANGERZ' star  jumped up and down and pumped her arm in the air.   Check it out in the video clip below:

Photos:  Judy Eddy-WENN, Video Screen Grab

by Meg at . Comments
britney debuts act for casino industry workers

Pop princess Britney Spears will kick off her two-year residency in Las Vegas on Friday, December 27, but a young and hip group of casino industry workers got a sneak peek last night.

The 32-year-old entertainer debuted her 85-minute Britney: Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood's The Axis theater Thursday night as a crowd of appreciative Sin City employees showed their appreciation during her final full run-through.

She reportedly flew 30 feet over the stage, thanks to wires, and blasted through nearly two-dozen songs on the 100-foot stage.  Sixty video projectors are used to bombard the set with graphic effects during the stage extravaganza that includes lots of costume changes.

Tonight's opening promises to be a star-studded event as Brit begins the latest chapter in her successful career that began more than two decades ago.

Vegas veteran Holly Madison of Peep Show fame made an interesting observation about Britney's new Vegas theater act.  She said, "Vegas audiences are different from anywhere else.  People come in, they're drunk, they've been walking around in the heat all day."  She cautions those planning to take in Piece of Me,  "Because of the bottle service, don't let it get out of control.  Pace yourself.  It's a great experience."

Check out a sneak peek clip below:

Photo:  WENN

by Meg at . Comments
britney spears takes vegas by storm

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino welcomed pop princess Britney Spears with open arms Tuesday, a prelude to her 2-year residency that will kick off on Dec. 27.

Timed to coincide with her 32nd birthday and the release of her much-anticipated album Britney Jean, she arrived with great fanfare in a restored 1958 Chevy Impala convertible with eight black SUVs as escorts.

Spears was rocking a black cocktail dress featuring a rhinestone top as she clutched an armload of roses.  When she was handed a microphone, she told the crowd, "This is my city now so I can't wait to see you guys opening night."

sin city welcomes britney

Her show, 'Piece Of Me,' will have a club-like atmosphere in an auditorium that recently underwent a $20 million renovation with lighting, sound and an extended stage to accommodate her action packed show.  The 4,600 person capacity extravaganza will run 90-100 minutes and feature 21 of Spears hits plus songs from her new album.

Britney revealed, "We're going to have water, rain, everything.  The show will be completely different from what everybody might be expecting.  It's the best project I've ever tackled.  It couldn't be more exciting."

Photos:  WENN

by Missy at . Comments
britney spears track list

Britney Spears released her official album track list Tuesday on Twitter and fans of her former child star sister will be pleased to know that Jamie Lynn Spears will be featured on one of the singles.

Spears tweeted, "Sneaky hackers always trying to ruin my surprises. Here is the TRUE #BritneyJeanTrackList."

Their duet single 'Chillin' With You,' from Brit's eighth studio album Britney Jean, is just one of fourteen tracks.  The RCA Records release is slated for the day after Thanksgiving - November 29, 2013.

Nickelodeon ended a lucrative six year television contract with Jamie Lynn after discovering that the 'Zoey 101' celebrity was pregnant at the tender age of 16.   Daughter Maddie, 5, lives with her mother in Nashville and recently shared lunch with her at school.

lunch at school with daughter maddie

Brit seems pretty excited about the collaboration and tweeted, "So SOOO beyond excited to have my baby sis @jamielynnspears on the album. <3 <3 <3 And @Tip!!! My homie."

Jamie Lynn responded, "I'm excited to work with my sis, but even more excited for y'all to hear what I've been working sooo hard on the past 5 years! #staytuned"

Photo Credit: Britney Spears Twitter

by Meg at . Comments
britney clearly has no imagination

We hate to point out the obvious, but the graphics and theme in Britney Spears' music video for her new single 'Work B*tch' closely mimic Miley Cyrus' neon light-inspired Bangerz artwork.

If timing is everything, then Cyrus came up with the idea first, sharing her album cover artwork with the world on Aug. 24.  Spears music video was shot Sept. 7-10 in Malibu.  Another possibility suggests Britney's camp was cooking the idea and Miley's peeps caught wind of it.

On the cover of her album Britney Jean, the 31-year-old pop princess went with a similar neon-light illumination and the same stylized B, which we are told is an exact replication of her signature.

Spears decided that a nude pose with the neon-lit title would also be a great look - not unlike that already crafted by the 20-year-old 'Wrecking Ball' singer.

i think ill do neon throught brit brit

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery but it feels like a lack of imagination on somebody's part.  Britney claims to appreciate Miley's style.  That said, which of these celebs is the true creative genius?

Photos:  Instagram-Miley Cyrus, Instagram-Britney Spears