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Posted by Missy
michael douglas and catherine zeta jones

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Posted by Meg
michael douglas claims everything is fine

While attending the Berlin premiere of 'Behind the Candelabra' Monday, A-list actor Michael Douglas responded to a pointed question about his marriage to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

He seemed slightly surly when he answered one reporter, "I have a crisis at home?  No, I think the press has a crisis.  We, we are fine.  My wife and I are, are fine.  We take a temporary separation, but the press, it gives you stuff to write about."

Zeta-Jones, 43, wed Douglas, 68, in 2000.  Their union was tested severely in 2010 when he battled throat cancer and she sought treatment under an assumed name for bipolar disorder.

Earlier this spring the actor mentioned to a British reporter that his cancer was caused by papillomavirus contracted through oral sex.  After a media storm erupted, he claimed to have been misquoted.  There is strong speculation that this revelation is what sent the Douglas marriage into a tailspin.

The couple lived primarily in Bermuda with their two young children for several years before moving back to New York so that their son Dylan would receive specialized schooling to address "special needs."  He is now 13.  Their daughter Carys is 10.

Check out a family photo that was captured several years ago at one of the happiest places on the planet-- according to Disney hype.

a disney photo op during happier times

Photos:  WENN, Video Screen Grab
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Posted by Meg
michael douglas deauville american film festival

Michael Douglas was on hand for the opening of the Deauville Film Festival Friday in France, devoted to American cinema.  It was his first public engagement following news of his marital separation.

The actor was wearing his wedding ring days after the couple confirmed that they have been been living apart for several months -- taking a break to sort out their differences.

Douglas' Liberace biopic 'Behind the Candelabra' was screened on the first day of the annual event.

As part of the advance hype, the 68-year-old actor was photographed in front of a beach locker room that was dedicated to him on the Promenade des Planches in the French northwestern sea resort of Deauville.

michael douglas photographs his name

The Hollywood A-lister wagged a finger at one reporter and joked with another, "People have been kindly asking how I'm doing.  Well, I put on a suit tonight - one that I can't come close to buttoning - so everything must be OK."

A short hiatus from filming 'And So It Goes' with Diane Keaton allowed him to make the trek to Europe.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, his estranged wife, is residing in New York with the couples two children, Dylan, and Carys.

Photos:  WENN

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Posted by Meg

Hollywood leading man Michael Douglas and his actress wife Catherine Zeta-Jones have been quietly taking a break from their 12-year marriage, though they have not yet filed for legal separation or initiated a divorce action.

Shortly after PEOPLE went public with a cover story, the decidedly-private celebrity duo issued brief statements through their publicist's Cece Yorke and Allen Burry.  Both confirmed, "The two are taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage."

The A-list couple last appeared together in April, and have been seen vacationing separately with their two kids during the ensuing months.

She wed her 25-year older husband during a lavish nuptial affair at Manhattan's Plaza Hotel in 2000 and they renewed their vows in 2010 while he was battling stage-four throat cancer.

Zeta-Jones, 43, supported him during his health issues and he, in turn, supported her when she struggled with medication imbalances associated with bipolar II disorder.

Things seemed to disintegrate when he returned from the Cannes Film Festival in May, right around the time the 68-year-old actor told British newspaper Guardian that his throat cancer was caused by the sexually transmitted papillomavirus.  The next day he backpedaled and claimed to have been misquoted.

Last month at the premiere of CZJ's movie 'Reds,' she lamented the fact that her children, Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10, were away at summer camp.  When they returned in mid-July, she and the kids spent time together swimming, body boarding and surfing at the beach near their vacation home in Canada.  They are now back in New York.

He is currently yachting off the coast of Sardinia and has remained silent.  According to the newest PEOPLE cover, the marriage has crumbled:

check out the people cover

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Posted by Meg

Catherine Zeta-Jones appears to have found the fountain of youth, as evidenced by red carpet photos from the Los Angeles premiere of 'Red 2' Thursday night.

The 43-year-old actress was rocking a stunning black strapless Maria Lucia Hohan gown that featured a lace front slit that showed off her legs to perfection.

We can't quite put our finger on what Zeta-Jones may have done to change up her look - but she looks younger and perhaps thinner than we've seen her recently.

The first photo in our gallery is a side by side comparison of the actress in July 2013 vs January 2013.   Her eyes appear less puffy and her jaw line looks wider to our untrained eye.

Her handsome leading man hubby, Michael Douglas, was missing in action.  According to Zeta-Jones, he is currently filming 'And So It Goes' with Diane Keaton in Connecticut.

She seemed to take the absence of her spouse in stride but lamented, "My children are actually at sleep-away camp, so I'm missing them desperately."  She was referring to the couples daughter Carys, 10, and son Dylan, 12.

Douglas caused embarrassment for his wife last month when he said during an interview that his throat cancer was caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted disease.

His rep quickly issued this statement of clarification: "Michael Douglas did not say cunnilingus was the cause of his cancer.  It was discussed that oral sex is a suspected cause of certain oral cancers, but he did not say it was the specific cause of his personal cancer."

'Red 2' hits theaters on July 19, 2013.

Photos:  FayesVision-WENN

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Posted by Missy
michael douglas

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Michael Douglas revealed that the type of throat cancer that he had can be caused by HPV contracted during oral sex.

He divulged the private details when he was asked if he regrets his years of smoking and drinking.

Douglas said, “No. Because without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV , which actually comes about from cunnilingus."

He added, “I did worry if the stress caused by my son’s incarceration didn’t help trigger it. But yeah, it’s a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer. And if you have it, cunnilingus is also the best cure for it.”

He dropped 45 pounds during an eight week course of chemotherapy and radiation and has been cancer free for two years.  He remains optimistic about the future, “With this kind of cancer, 95 percent of the time it doesn’t come back."

The Guardian asked Dr. Mahesh Kumar to weigh in, “It has been established beyond reasonable doubt that the HPV type 16 is the causative agent in oropharyngeal cancer."

Regarding his assertion that continuing to engage in oral sex will help cure the disease ... Kumar wasn't buying it.  “Maybe he thinks that more exposure to the virus will boost his immune system. But medically, that just doesn’t make sense."

UPDATE: Allen Burry, a longtime rep for Douglas, released this statement: "Michael Douglas did not say cunnilingus was the cause of his throat cancer.  It was discussed that oral sex is a suspected cause of certain oral cancers."

Douglas, 68, is married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.  They have two children, Dylan, 12, and Carys, 10.

Photo Credit: WENN

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Posted by Missy
catherine zeta jones photo

Catherine Zeta-Jones has checked into a treatment facility to receive medical support for her Bipolar disorder, according to her publicist.

The 43-year-old Welsh actress has been married to famed actor Michael Douglas since 2000.

The couple made their first public announcement regarding her disorder in April 2011 after reporters discovered that she had secretly entered a rehab facility at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut under an assumed name.

The 'Rock of Ages' celeb will undergo a 30-day program.  Her rep Sarah Fuller revealed, "Jones is committed to periodic care in order to manage her health in an optimum manner."

Bipolar II disorder is characterized by mood swings and depressive episodes and is generally treated with medication and psychotherapy.

Catherine is one of the busiest actresses in the business.  Her latest body of work includes 'Playing for Keeps,' 'Broken City' and 'Side Effects.'  'RED 2' is in post-production and will hit theaters on July 19, 2013.

The A-list couple appeared last week at the 40th Anniversary Chaplin Award Gala honoring Barbra Streisand at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center - as seen in the photo at the top of this post.

Photo Credit: Pop-WENN.

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Posted by Meg
catherine zeta jones not a poster child

Catherine Zeta-Jones, in an interview Friday on Good Morning America, went on the defensive when asked a thinly-veiled question about her mental health by correspondent Amy Robach.

The actress responded, "You know what?  I'm sick of talking about it because I never wanted to be the poster child for this.  I never wanted this to come out publicly.  It came out, and I dealt with it in the best way I could, and that was just saying, 'Hey, I'm bipolar.'"

She continued, "Everyone has things going on and we deal with them the best we can.  We all have issues in life."

Check out the video exchange below:

Photo:  FayesVision-WENN

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catherine zeta jones today promo

Catherine Zeta-Jones sat down this morning with Matt Lauer to promote her latest high-profile film project 'Rock of Ages.'

The movie hits theaters tomorrow and CZJ chatted about her role as the uptight Patricia Whitmore.  The character is married to the Mayor of Los Angeles and wants to shut down The Bourbon Room, owned by the Alec Baldwin character Dennis Dupree.

The Academy Award-winning actress, of Welsh descent, is married to actor Michael Douglas.  The couple faced a medical crisis in the summer of 2010 when he was diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer.

Douglas is now doing well and is set to star in HBO's Liberace biopic 'Behind the Candelabra', a made-for-television drama with a star-studded cast that includes Rob Lowe and Matt Damon.

Zeta-Jones, 42, picked up some unwanted publicity in April 2011 when her previously undisclosed bipolar II condition was exposed after she spent time at Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut under an assumed name.

The actress addressed the subject with Lauer.  Check out the TODAY interview below:

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Posted by Missy
michael douglas and catherine zeta jones

Michael Douglas says his wife is doing great!  The family revealed in April that Catherine Zeta-Jones, 41, was suffering from bipolar disorder and seeking treatment for depression.

The actress spent 5 days at Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut several months ago but was quickly able to resume her busy work schedule.

Douglas was in attendance at the Urban Zen Stephan Weiss Awards in NYC on Thursday night and took the opportunity to talk about his wife.

"She's great!  She's down in Miami doing Rock of Ages, the musical.  So she's doing great and doing a great job."

Zeta-Jones is in good company in Miami.  The cast includes Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough, Alec Baldwin, Malin Akerman, Mary J. Blige and Russell Brand.

So what's on tap for the Douglas family when she wraps her current project?  Douglas said: "We'll do the same thing we always do -- we go to Spain."

Check out a family photo after the jump:

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