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Posted by Kristan Roland

A sweet 16 party with Sean "Puff Daddy" Comb's son Christian, a tropical beach, and a concert in Brazil.  You know...a typical weekend.  FOR A FAMOUS PERSON!!

My Instagram would probably make these people want to go drink overpriced and hard to pronounce martinis in some Hollywood Club. A fussy toddler, some scrambled eggs...don't be jelly, Selena Gomez!

Since I didn't do much worth noting, let's take a peek at what celebrities shared over the weekend.  It won't make us jealous, will it?

Celebrity Instagram Photos 4/7/2014
Kevin Federline and wife Victoria Prince welcomed a baby girl over the weekend!
View As List
Kevin Federline Baby

1. Kevin Federline Baby

Kevin Federline and wife Victoria Prince welcomed a baby girl over the weekend!

James Franco On Set

2. James Franco On Set

James Franco shares this photo from "Of Mice and Men" on his Instagram

Anna Kendrick at SNL

3. Anna Kendrick at SNL

Anna Kendrick shares this photo from SNL on her Instagram

Dave Letterman, Lady Gaga and Bill Murray Selfie

4. Dave Letterman, Lady Gaga and Bill Murray Selfie

The most epic group selfie of the weekend: Lady Gaga, Bill Murray and Dave Letterman!

Gisele Bundchen in Brazil

5. Gisele Bundchen in Brazil

Gisele Bundchen shares this photo from Brazil on her Instagram

Jamie Foxx Poses with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

6. Jamie Foxx Poses with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Jamie Foxx poses with Spiderman co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Hugh Jackman Poses

7. Hugh Jackman Poses

Hugh Jackman poses with...Hugh Jackman...while on Wolverine press tour.

Jared Leto in Paradise

8. Jared Leto in Paradise

Jared Leto shares this picture of paradise on his Instagram.

Madonna Shares Picture of Lourdes

9. Madonna Shares Picture of Lourdes

Proud mom shares a photo of daughter Lourdes "Lola" Leon.

Miley Cyrus Gets Puppy Love

10. Miley Cyrus Gets Puppy Love

Miley loves on her dog Mary Jane while grieving death of dog Floyd.

Jessica Alba Shares a Sweet Photo!

11. Jessica Alba Shares a Sweet Photo!

Jessica Alba shares this sweet photo with Cash Warren on Instagram.

Kourtney Kardashian is Hilarious

12. Kourtney Kardashian is Hilarious

Kourtney Kardashian proves she's the funniest Kardashian by sharing this photo on her Instagram. But where is Scott?

Lindsay Lohan Instagram

13. Lindsay Lohan Instagram

Lindsay Lohan and celeb stylist Andy Lecompte get up close and personal.

Nicole Richie HOH Event

14. Nicole Richie HOH Event

Nicole Richie and her lavender hair attend a House of Harlow event

Joe Jonas Instagram Photo

15. Joe Jonas Instagram Photo

Joe Jonas takes a selfie with a cool dog...bird...thing.

Justin Bieber Shares Studio Pic

16. Justin Bieber Shares Studio Pic

Justin Bieber shares a photo from inside the record studio. The caption said "Wondering if she is too high maintenance??" Hmm...

Kim Kardashian

17. Kim Kardashian

Kim K shares a sweet moment between sister Khloe and herself! A documented sweet moment, of course!

Oprah Instagram

18. Oprah Instagram

Oprah praises Derek Lam shoes on her Instagram The caption says, "Perfect shoe pretty yet comfortable enough to wear all day. My feet are tired of 6 inch heels. My arch says Thank you."

Kylie Jenner Selfie

19. Kylie Jenner Selfie

Kylie Jenner is all grown up in this selfie she posted on her Instagram.

Taylor Swift

20. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift shares this adorable picture of herself in Las Vegas!

Kendall Jenner Group Photo

21. Kendall Jenner Group Photo

Kendall Jenner shared this picture on her Instagram. We spy Selena Gomez!

Paris Hilton Instagram

22. Paris Hilton Instagram

Paris Hilton reminds us that she will be Selfie Queen for life. #selfietime

Martha Stewart and Lady Gaga

23. Martha Stewart and Lady Gaga

I'm not sure what I expect from Martha Stewart's Instagram, but I'm pretty sure it was more crafts than Gaga!

Khloe Kardashian Selfie

24. Khloe Kardashian Selfie

Khloe Kardashian shares a gorgeous selfie on her Instagram over the weekend.

Reese Witherspoon instagram

25. Reese Witherspoon instagram

Reese Witherspoon shares this sweet picture of son Tennessee and herself enjoying the beach!

Rihanna Instagram

26. Rihanna Instagram

Rihanna pays tribute to her mom's birthday on her Instagram!

Selena Gomez Instagram

27. Selena Gomez Instagram

Selena Gomez shares the selfie spotlight with Kylie Jenner

Lorde in Brazil

28. Lorde in Brazil

Lorde shares a photo from her concert in Brazil on her Instagram it too late to book a private jet to the Bahamas for Friday?

Photos: Instagram

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Posted by Kristan Roland

Joan Rivers is dishing out criticism again, and this time she's set her sights on HBO's 'Girls' creator and actress Lena Dunham.

Rivers paid a visit to the Howard Stern show yesterday, and she didn't mince words.  She accused the star of sending a dangerous message about weight.  When Stern explained that Dunham's entire point was to promote being COMFORTABLE in your own body, Rivers replied, “But that’s wrong! You’re sending a message out to people saying, ‘It’s OK! Stay fat! Get diabetes. Everybody die. Lose your fingers.’"

She later added, “If you look the way you look, Lena, and that’s fine and you’re funny, don’t say it’s okay that other girls can look like this. Try to look better.” she SERIOUS?  What woman says, "Girls!!  Don't look like me!!  Try do do BETTER!!"  Puh-leeeze.

Also, Joan?  Last person that needs to be dishing out advice on appearance.  Let's just be serious.

No one has ever been able to get an honest number from Rivers in regards to the number of plastic surgeries she's had, but that may be because it's too many to count.  She's a self admitted plastic surgery addict, and has the signature botox look.  I'm over hearing what she thinks of young girls.

What are your thoughts?  Was Joan too harsh, or was she right?

Photos:  WENN

Posted by Kristan Roland

Geeks everywhere, rejoice!!  According to the New York Post, Google Glass is finally getting a much needed make over.

Since it's launch, Google has struggled to make Google Glass attractive to mainstream users.  And failed.  Miserably.  Users have even been dubbed, "Glassholes" by the public because...

Well.  It's impossible to wear them and not sort of look like one.  If you know what I mean.

Add the unattractive look and the social ostracism to the hefty $1500 price tag, and Google has a real problem on it's hands.  This is where it's new partnership comes in.

Google announced that it has partnered with Luxottica, the largest eyeglass company in the world and owner of Ray Ban and Oakley, and manager of chains Lens Crafters and Sunglass Hut.

Apparently, Luxottica will design their own frames for consumers to purchase separately.  Google will continue to sell their own devices and frames for work.

Google has said it will be lowering the price for Glass when they come out with a consumer version later this year.

What do you think -- will a lower price and more attractive frames convince you to give them a try?

Photo:  WENN

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Posted by Anna McCauley
gp chris2

OMG!  Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin took to Gwyneth's blog today to announce they are separating!  Read her post below:

It is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate. We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it separated, to see what might have been possible between us, and we have come to the conclusion that while we love each other very much we will remain separate.

We are, however, and always will be a family, and in many ways we are closer than we have ever been. We are parents first and foremost, to two incredibly wonderful children and we ask for their and our space and privacy to be respected at this difficult time. We have always conducted our relationship privately, and we hope that as we consciously uncouple and coparent, we will be able to continue in the same manner.

Gwyneth & Chris

Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin have been married since 2003 and have two children, Apple and Moses, together.

Photo via GOOP

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Posted by Kristan Roland

TMZ is reporting that Columbus Short, known as Harrison on ABC's popular drama, 'Scandal', is being investigated by police after a bar fight which resulted in a man being hospitalized.

Short was at a bar on March 15th celebrating the engagement of a friend.  According to a source, a partygoer made a comment to Short regarding his wife...and the gladiator LOST IT.

An eyewitness says the man had a broken nose and was knocked unconscious for several minutes.  Short quickly left the bar before an ambulance arrived for the man.

Police are now conducting a criminal battery investigation, and Short's rep has yet to comment.

Apparently this is not Short's first brush with violence.  In 2010 he got in an argument during a basketball game at an LA Fitness gym, and he punched a player and knocked out several teeth.

Harrison, you're supposed to be wearing the WHITE HAT!!  Get your act together, gladiator.  Olivia Pope would be disappointed in your sloppiness.

Photo:  Wenn

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Posted by Kristan Roland

So adorable!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were caught on the Kiss Cam at the Clippers vs Pistons game in Los Angeles, Saturday March 22nd.

The pair were dressed casually -- it has been said that Mila has been dressing in strategically baggy clothes in order to hide her growing baby bump.  After realizing the camera was on them, Mila blushed and appeared embarrassed, while Ashton readjusted his baseball cap and went in for the kill.  The pair shared a sweet kiss, after which Kutcher grinned and gave the camera a big thumbs up.

Perhaps they were celebrating the last night of sharing the baby secret?

The couple seem to have a lot of fun where ever they go, and I can't wait to see a baby on the sidelines with them in the future.

This will be the first child for both of them.  The couple is also engaged, no word on whether the wedding will come before or after the baby's arrival.

Posted by Anna McCauley

Just weeks after a surprise wedding, Stacy Keibler and new husband Jared Pobre have a bun in the oven!  The newlyweds are expecting their first child this summer, although gender is still unknown.  Just two weeks ago, the two had a private sunset wedding on a beach in Punta Mita, Mexico.  The wedding was a surprise even to the couple's families, who were with them on vacation in Mexico.

On Monday, Stacy took to Twitter to announce her pregnancy!

The couple then confirmed to People magazine, “More blessings!! We’re an elated family-to-be!”  The former professional wrestler says she is "so excited" to start a new chapter in her life as a wife and mom.

Stacy and Jared tied the knot on March 8th after dating since fall of 2013.  Stacy dated George Clooney for two years prior to her marriage.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Photo via Instagram

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Posted by Kristan Roland

Breaking news emerged out of Malaysia this morning, with the Prime Minister announcing about 20 minutes ago that the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, "Ended in the Southern Indian Ocean".

The Prime Minister met with families of the passengers approximately an hour prior to holding the press conference, according to HLN.

This news is in light of new analysis of satellite data, as well as multiple debris sightings in the Southern Indian Ocean.  Many are questioning the definitive statement by the Prime Minister, citing the lack of any real identification of debris.  However, the Malaysian PM is very convinced by the new satellite data analysis, and the airline has informed families that it's safe to assume beyond reasonable doubt that there are no survivors.

This area of the ocean is extremely isolated and severe weather events are expected over the next few days.  It's looking like it could be quite awhile before we see any definitive physical evidence of the crash, or get any answers as to what caused it.

There has been lots of speculation as to what caused the crash, the most widespread being an electrical fire or terrorist hijacking.

So sad for the families involved.  I truly hope they have the answers they need very soon.

Photo:  Associated Press

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Posted by Kristan Roland

Who needs the Oscars?  Jimmy Kimmel challenged Ellen's epic celebrity "selfie" with his own photo captioned, "- No Brad Cooper but 3 Clintons & a Kimmel

The photo was taken Saturday at the Clinton Global Initiative University in Tempe, Ariz..  While at the event, Kimmel tried to get Hillary to open up about her 2016 Presidential plans, but she remained tight lipped.

As of right now, Kimmel's photo has been retweeted 8,400 times.  He has quite a ways to go if he's going to catch up to Ellen's 3 MILLION retweets!

According to the Associated Press, when asked by a student about the race, the former United States Secretary of State responded that she is “very much concerned about the direction of our country” and is “obviously thinking about all kinds of decisions” regarding her future.

Photo:  Twitter

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Posted by Anna McCauley

More details about Johnny Weir's divorce from Victor Voronov are rolling in.  Johnny announced on Twitter Wednesday that he and husband Victor were splitting up. "It is with great sadness," he said, "that I announce that my husband and I are no longer together. My heart hurts, and I wish him well."

The divorce was a shock to Victor.  His rep told People mag, "He's totally heartbroken. Victor entered the marriage for one purpose only – because he loved Johnny."
But now, details about the events leading up to the divorce are coming out, and I have to say - to me, you shouldn't be all that shocked, sis.

TMZ obtained a personal e-mail between Johnny and Victor from September, 2013 (Gee, I wonder who leaked that?)  Johnny apparently was trying to smooth things over from some transgression he made (infidelity?) but was furious that Victor ruined his prized possession - his Birkin!
Johnny says in the e-mail, "If you decide to wreck things, please wreck cheaper things than Birkins.  The f*** you on the Birkin is kinda cool, though, you artist.  I know you don't care about how I'll survive if you divorce me, but please leave my Birkin bags, Celine bags and Chanel bags alone."


And yesterday, another sad blow-out occurred, resulting with Johnny taking the family dog out of their apartment ... as his distraught soon-to-be-ex husband Victor watched and sobbed.  Both men went to court to file documents yesterday - Victor filed a restraining order against Johnny, claiming Johnny got violent and physical with him during an argument on March 5th.

Johnny received an order giving him the right to go into their  apartment for 30 minutes and collect his belongings with the help of cops.  And in dramatic fashion, he arrived at the apartment with SIX cops.  Johnny ended up taking a number of his belongings, including 2 TV sets, Hermes scarves, various costumes and the family dog, Tema, a Japanese Chin which he and Victor got during the marriage.

A court date has been set for next week, and custody of the dog and other issues will be ironed out before a judge.

Photo via WENN and Instagram