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Posted by Anna McCauley
pharrell happy wenn21054701

"Let me tell you why Hillary's going to win," says producer, Pharrell Williams, in a new interview with GQ Magazine.

"So when you think about a night where there's late-night talk-show hosts and it's mostly women, that's a different world. Right? A world where seventy-five percent of the prime ministers and the presidents were women: That's a different world. That's gonna happen, and it's gonna happen when Hillary wins."

Pharrell explains that women will vote for Hilary because she is pro-choice, "No matter how staunch of a supporter you are of no-abortion, whatever you are: You're a woman, and there's no way in the world you're going to vote for somebody that's going to try to tell you what to do with your body."

Pharrell says he was laughed at when he endorsed Obama for President, but he was proven correct when Obama was elected twice.  Now he's throwing his large hat into Clinton's ring, although she has yet to announce whether or not she is running.
"When we are a country and we are a species that has had a martian Rover traveling up and down the crevices of this planet looking for water and ice, okay, and we've had a space station that's been orbiting our planet for 16 years—but we still got legislation trying to tell women what to do with their bodies? Hillary's gonna win. Listen, I'm reaching out to her right now. She's gonna win," Pharrell states.

Pharrell is scheduled to perform on Saturday Night Live on April 5th.

Photo via WENN

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Posted by Meg
baby in 2014 plan says chelsea

Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky plan to start a family in 2014, much to the delight of a certain former President and Secretary of State.

The 33-year-old daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton revealed to Glamour magazine, "We sat down and said, 'Here's what we want to do.'  The first thing on the list was simple: We want, God willing, to start a family.  So we decided we were going to make 2014 the Year of the Baby."

She joked, "And please, call my mother and tell her that.  She asks us about it every single day."

Bill Clinton recently told CBS This Morning, "I would like to have a happy wife and she won't be unless she's a grandmother.  It's something she wants more than she wanted to be president."

Chelsea wed her investment banker husband in July 2010 in an interfaith ceremony at Astor Courts, an estate overlooking the Hudson River - photos here.

Marc's parents, long-time friends of the Clinton family, were former Democratic congressional leaders representing Pennsylvania and Iowa.  They raised their son in the Conservative Jewish tradition.

In May 2013 the couple attended the 2013 Met Gala fundraiser at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan.

met ball 2013 chelsea and marc mezvinsky

Photos:  WENN, Twitter-Chelsea Clinton
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Posted by Meg
diane lane to portray hillary clinton

NBC's Entertainment Chairman unveiled plans to film a four-hour series about Hillary Rodham Clinton starring actress Diane Lane.

Robert Greenblatt told reporters that the mini-series will likely air before Clinton makes a decision regarding a possible 2016 presidential bid.

The NBC head doesn't expect that the former Secretary of State will endorse the television project covering her four year stint as Barack Obama's highest ranking cabinet member.

Greenblatt is also well aware that the series will be labeled too soft or too hard - depending upon the political affiliation of the viewer.

Will the Federal Communication Commission view the made-for-tv project as a well-orchestrated pre-campaign advantage for Clinton?  If so - it could trigger the "equal time" ruling - making the network vulnerable to demands for four hours of air time by other candidates.

Can you picture Lane, 48, as a credible Hillary, 65, with the aid of blue contact lenses and a wig?

Photos:  WENN

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Posted by Meg
hillary raking in the dough for speeches

While Hillary Clinton takes a mini-break from politics, she is clearly cleaning up on the speaking circuit to the tune of $200,000 a pop.

The former First Lady and Secretary of State traveled nearly a million miles while globe trotting for President Barack Obama, visiting a record 112 countries.

Instead of resting on her laurels while weighing a presidential run in 2016, Hillary has been busy penning another best seller, this one about her recent four-year stint.

Regarding the lucrative business of delivering speeches, the Times opined, "For about $200,000, Mrs Clinton will offer pithy reflections and lessons from her time as the nation's top diplomat, offering up 'leadership is a team sport,' 'you can't win if you don't show up,' and 'a whisper can be louder than a shout.'"

"She sticks around for handshakes and picture-taking, but the cost of travel, and whether a private jet is provided, must be negotiated as part of her fee."

Bill Clinton earned $17 million last year for speeches throughout the U.S.  His average fee is also $200,000 - but he has been known to command a great deal more for special gigs.  A Lagos, Nigeria company recently shelled out $700,000 to hear what the former president had to say on a number of subjects.

Not all former or prospective Commanders in Chief are taking advantage of this particular gravy train.  POTUS #43 has decided to take up painting instead.  Make no mistake - those George W. Bush signatures scrawled across the bottom of each canvas will be worth a kings ransom if W ever decides to share them with the world.

Whatever floats your boat.

Photo:  WENN

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Posted by Meg
hillary clinton hospitalized for blood clot

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for treatment of a blood clot following a recent concussion.

Spokesman Philippe Reines indicates that the head of the State Department visited her doctor Sunday for a follow-up exam and it was during this office visit that a blood clot was discovered.

Clinton, who recently told Barbara Walters that she was exhausted from four years of constant international travel, has been placed on anti-coagulant medications and will be monitored in the hospital for the next 48 hours.

According to Reines, doctors will continue to assess Clinton's condition, "including other issues associated with her concussion."

Photo:  WENN

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Posted by Missy
hillary clinton concussion

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reportedly recovering from a fall that occurred last week at her Washington, D.C. home, a mishap that left her with a concussion.

Alone at the time of the fall, Hillary opted not to seek medical help for her head injury until several days later.  Her personal physician indicates that the high-profile politician was dehydrated from a recent trip to Europe when she fainted.

The State Department issued a statement on behalf of the former First Lady,  "She has been recovering at home and will continue to be monitored regularly by her doctors.  At their recommendation, she will continue to work from home next week, staying in regular contact with Department and other officials."

Clinton will be unable to testify, as planned, before Congress about her knowledge of the September attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and two Navy Seals.

Last week Hillary was named one of Barbara Walters 10 most fascinating people of 2012.

The former First Lady plans to step down from her State Department post in January.  It is expected that U.S. Senator John Kerry will be confirmed as the next Secretary of State.

Photo Credit: HRC-WENN

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Posted by Meg
picture 41

Christina Aguilera of 'The Voice' sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for an interview that will air Friday on her talk show.

The most entertaining subject during their chat, by far, was Xtina's reaction to the now infamous photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton checking out her cleavage.

It was during a leadership awards ceremony in October that the former First Lady couldn't take her eyes off of Christina's chest.  In retrospect, the singer said, "That picture looks like it was Photoshopped but it's not.  That was a real moment."

picture 22

Hear what Augilera told Ellen about Hillary's ogle on the video clip below:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Photos:  Video Green Grabs

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Posted by Meg
hilary clinton going back to her yale days look

Rediscovering her Yale look ...

Hillary Clinton, at age 64, has decided that she really doesn't care what other people think about her hair, makeup and choice of eyewear.

With a 65 percent approval rating ... seriously, why should she?

A long time has passed since her days at Yale University, when she shied away from any type of glam look.  That all changed some years later when her politician husband Bill Clinton decided to leave Arkansas behind and run for the highest office in the land.

The brilliant Hillary was spiffed up for the campaign and kept right on being buffed and fluffed during their two terms in the White House.  Then there was that successful tenure as U.S. Senator from New York.  Smart suits, perfect hair and makeup.

She followed that up with an unsuccessful bid against Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination but did score a dream job as Secretary of State.

Throughout most of this period we saw Hillary looking stylized and camera ready ... and then suddenly people thought she was looking very, very tired.

Clinton decided in 2011 that she would return to the private sector in 2013 rather than serve a second term.  With that decision came the gradual shift from perfectly coiffed to a more casual ... 'what you see is what you get' approach.

Hillary recently took some heat for what many described as an unkempt look during a high-profile visit to Bangladesh.   As is her typical outspoken style, Clinton said, "I feel so relieved to be at the stage I'm at in my life.  If I want to wear my glasses I'm going to wear my glasses.  If I want to pull my hair back I'm pulling my hair back."

Rock on Hillary!

Check out recent photos below:

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Posted by Meg
dorothy rodham has died mother of hilary rodham clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton cancelled a planned trip to London on Monday because her mother was ill.  Dorothy Rodham died early Tuesday morning at the age of 92.

She was last publicly photographed at the 2010 wedding of her granddaughter Chelsea Clinton, who wed Marc Mezvinsky in a lavish ceremony.

The Secretary of State issued a family statement, "She was a warm, generous and strong intellectual; a woman who told a great joke and always got the joke; an extraordinary friend and, most of all, a loving wife, mother and grandmother."

Rodham had been living with her daughter outside of Washington D.C. since 2006.  She died at Georgetown University Hospital, surrounded by family.

Her husband Hugh E. Rodham died in 1993.  They raised three children: Hillary, Hugh and Tony.

The family plans to hold a private celebration of her life.

Photos:  WENN

Posted by Meg
usa today gallup poll most admired 2009

The tally is in on this year's USA Today Gallup Poll for Most Admired People 2009.  The poll asked respondents: What man and woman living today do you admire the most?  The clear male winner was Barack Obama with 30% of the votes.  The female winner was nearly a dead heat between Hillary Rodham Clinton, who received 16 % of the votes and Sarah Palin with 15% of the votes.

Behind Obama were George W. Bush, 4%, Nelson Mandela, 3%, and a virtual four way tie between Glenn Beck, Pope Benedict XVI, Rev. Billy Graham and Bill Gates, who each garnered 2% of the votes cast.

Behind Clinton and Palin were Oprah Winfrey, 8%, Michelle Obama, 7%, Condoleezza Rice and Queen Elizabeth at 2%, and Margaret Thatcher and Maya Angelou with 1%.

This is the second year for all three of our top picks.  Last year Obama led the pack with 32%.  Hillary had 20% to Sarah's 11%, which would seem to indicate the Palin has gained some appeal and Clinton has lost some ground.

View the rest of this year's gallery below.

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