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janet jackson billionaire

Over the past few days reports strongly suggest that Janet Jackson has joined the prestigious ranks of the famed billionaires club.

As it turns out, the iconic entertainer has likely earned that much over the course of her 40 year career but it remains unclear whether she has cash and assets, in her name, totaling 10 figures now.

According to a Variety story a few days ago, JJ "has made $81 million in music and book publishing, $260 million in album sales, $458 million in worldwide tours grosses, $60 million in tour sponsorships, $21.5 million in licensing and $304 million at the box office, which adds up to well over a billion dollars."

Forbes writer Dorothy Pomerantz points out, "Net worth is not based on how much your work has brought in over a lifetime."

Janet's rep had this to say, "What Variety had, to the best of my knowledge, is all correct.  As to whether she is or isn't a billionaire, that's not information that has been or would be imparted to me.  She's an exceedingly bright business person in all forms of life, including entertainment.  There's people whose money goes and people whose money grows, and she's very astute with her finances."

We can say for certain that her husband, Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana, IS a bona fide billionaire.

Wissom, 37, and Janet, 47, wed  in a private ceremony in 2012.  According to Forbes, he is one of the richest retail investors in the Middle East.

janet is 10 years older than her husband

Photo:  WENN, Twitter-Wissam Al Mana

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janet jackson husband

Janet Jackson secretly married billionaire fashion tycoon Wissam Al Mana last year. The singer wanted to put an end to the engagement rumors so she decided to offer up a wedding confession.

The couple released a joint statement concerning their relationship, "The rumors regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony."

Instead of giving each other expensive wedding presents they decided to be practical, “Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favorite children’s charities.  We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy.  With love, Wissam and Janet"

The couple have been together for two years.  Jackson, 46, was previously married to James DeBarge and Rene Elizondo.

Wissam, 37, currently heads the family business fashion portfolios and is listed on Forbes as having a net worth of $4.5 billion.  His father is founder and owner of the Almana Group, a Qatar-based luxury lifestyle enterprise.

Fun Fact: Janet's brother Jermaine Jackson legally changed his name to Jermaine Jacksun last week for "artistic reasons" ... details here.

Photo Credit: Janet Jackson Twitter

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janet jackson and boyfriend wissam al mana

Janet Jackson and her billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana are engaged.

Al Mana, a luxury-brand mogul from Qatar, proposed earlier this year giving her a "huge, expensive ring," a source tells Us Weekly.

"She's afraid it will get lost, so she keeps it locked up!"

The 46-year-old entertainer and 37-year old managing director of Al Mana Retail are reportedly planning a spring wedding in Qatar, and Wissam will be "flying in all of Janet's friends and family on private jets."

The affair "will cost millions," according to a source. "He wants to get a top chef to create a custom menu."

The couple have been dating two years. This will be Jackson's third marriage. She was previously married to James DeBarge and Rene Elizondo.

photo via Janet Jackson's Twitter

by Missy at . Comments
the jackson family divided by greed

Despite reports suggesting that all of Katherine and Joe Jackson's children are attempting to take control of the $1 billion Michael Jackson estate, there are a few siblings who are not involved and are speaking out.

Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson and Jackie Jackson want the rest of the world to know that they do not support the actions of Randy, Jermaine, Rebbie and Janet to oust the MJ estate executors.

The trio want nothing to do with the sibling plot to turn mother Katherine Jackson against the estate.

Tito told TMZ,  "I completely retract my signature from the July 17th letter sent to the Executors of my brother Michael's estate and repudiate all the claims made against them.  I don't want any part of that letter whatsoever."

His son TJ, 34, has begun the process of seeking a court order for temporary guardianship of Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Marlon Jackson became distraught during an interview with The Insider yesterday, "We've been told that our mother is safe. She's doing well. But we have not spoken to her.  All I know is she is in Arizona, and whatever doctor is saying I can't talk to my mother ... you call ME!"

Randy Jackson chatted with Al Sharpton on MSNBC's 'Politics Nation' about his decision to force the removal of estate executors John Branca and John McClain.  The disgruntled brothers and sisters, who received nothing from the estate when their brother died, claim that MJ's signature on the will is a forgery.  "We feel there is criminal misconduct."

Meanwhile, legitimate estate beneficiary Paris Jackson hit Twitter again yesterday: "9 days and counting ... so help me god I will make whoever did this pay."

That said ...where the hell is patriarch Joe Jackson?

Actually he is alive and apparently well in Sin City.  We know this because he was photographed last Friday in the audience at The Jackson's Unity Tour at The Cannery in Las Vegas.  We find it hard to believe that a reporter hasn't hunted him down for what would certainly be an interesting sound bite on the Jackson family debacle.

Check out Joe below and listen to what Randy has to say to Al Sharpton during a telephone interview:

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paris prince and blanket jackson1

The Jackson family saga gets more heated and contentious with each passing day and caught in the middle are Michael Jackson's three children.

Early last week Janet Jackson and her brothers Jermaine and Randy signed a letter demanding the immediate resignation of the executors of Michael's estate.

The bold move, by the siblings who were NOT named in his will, caused Paris to take to her Twitter page and question their motives and strongly deny that her grandmother had suffered a mini stroke, as claimed by Randy Jackson in the above mentioned letter.

Katherine Jackson was removed from her Calabasas home on July 15 by daughter Rebbie, who claimed she was taking her mother to a Jackson concert in Albequerque.   The 82-year-old woman ended up in Arizona where she was reportedly seen by a doctor and ordered to rest.

The family matriarch was reported missing July 13 by an adult grandchild on behalf of Paris, Prince and Blanket.  Paris, in particular, has been quite vocal on Twitter about the family plot to seclude her grandmother for their own purposes.

Jermaine made a statement on his Twitter page that pointedly chastised those who have tried to make trouble within the family by calling in the LAPD to investigate the suspicious disappearance.

Last night things got crazy when Jermaine, Randy and Janet showed up at Katherine's home in an attempt to take Paris, Prince and Blanket to Arizona.

Janet Jackson ranted at Paris for her recent Twitter comments and actually tried to wrestle the phone away from the teen.  Someone at the residence called police to report a physical assault and it wasn't long before police arrived to sort it all out.

When police arrived Janet and Jermaine were standing in the driveway fighting - pics here.  They were ordered to leave the premises.

Meanwhile an emergency call went out to the children's court-appointed attorney and guardian ad litem Margaret Lodise, who traveled to Calabasas to check on their welfare.

An insider said, "It's certainly extremely concerning to Margaret Lodise that Katherine has been out of town for over a week and that the children haven't spoken to her in that time. There could be far reaching consequences as far as custody of the kids goes. It's very likely that Lodise will be going to court as early as Tuesday to express her concerns to the judge, as she has a legal obligation to do so."

Last night Paris posted another tweet:

paris jackson twitter

Randy Jackson is clearly unhappy with Trent Jackson, the adult cousin who initially brought the matter to the attention of the LAPD and who has convinced Paris that her father's siblings are conspiring to get their hands on the Michael Jackson estate.

This family debacle is far from over despite a new photo showing Katherine playing UNO with Rebbie and her family.

None of this makes any sense.  Call your grandkids Katherine!  Paris has a few things she thinks you might be interested in knowing...

Photo Credit:  WENN

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janet jackson nutrisystem

Janet Jackson is looking fabulous!  The singer has slimmed down and is giving all the credit to Nutrisystem.

Battling her weight for many years, the entertainer is now a spokeswoman for the weight loss system.

We featured a 'Then and Now' gallery four years ago that showed Jackson at her heaviest with a few pictures showing her rocking tight abs.

JJ is busy promoting the new diet plan that helped her gain control of her body.

Other celebrities have publicized their weight loss in a similar manner.  Mariah Carey managed to lose her post-baby weight by hooking up as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and Jessica Simpson has already inked a deal with Weight Watchers.

You can check out Janet's Nutrisystem ad campaign sneak peek below.  The commercial will begin airing on Monday:

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Before the shocking death of singer Whitney Houston it was being reported that the diva was being considered for a judges seat on The X Factor.  Now rumors are swirling that Janet Jackson will be on the panel when the new season kicks off.

Janet sat down for an interview this week with Anderson Cooper where she spoke about Whitney's passing, her new book and the death of Michael Jackson.  The show host also asked her about The X Factor - that video here.

She denied it, “Oh my God, no, I’m not a judge on The X Factor.” Andersen attempted to clarify her status, “You’re not currently a judge on The X Factor."  Jackson responded, “No, I am not.  But that’s all I really think I should say.”

The negotiations are reportedly still in the preliminary stages and Simon Cowell will be holding meetings this week with all potential judges.  He's tasked with replacing Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones.

Other celebs rumored to be in the running are singers Pink and Katy Perry.  Simon told Extra that he has worked with Perry in the past and said she is "hard - in a good way and she's feisty."

Is Janet too soft spoken for The X Factor?  Leave us a comment!

Photo Credit:  WENN

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anderson cooper and janet jackson

Anderson Cooper sat down with Janet Jackson to discuss her new book True You during a one-hour interview that will air on Presidents' Day, Monday, Feb 20.

AC asked Janet if she had any advice for Houston's young daughter Bobbi Kristina as she grieves the death of her mother.

Jackson said, “It's a very, very tough time. I lost my brother, she lost her mother.  I don't know what that's like being so young."

"It was hard for me. It was very, very difficult for me. I didn't want to accept it, it's very difficult. You have to come to terms at some point, you have to actually give it up to God, and it sounds so mean, but you have to move on. You can't hold on to that because it can be very devastating. Sometimes therapy is the best thing.”

Cooper asked Jackson what her reaction was when she heard the news.  She replied, “I couldn’t believe it.  Immediately, I started shaking. I was trying to text everyone that I knew to let them know, and I was speechless. I could not believe it.”

Janet called Whitney a "sweet, sweet soul."  Watch the interview below:

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janet jackson new haircut on american idol

Janet Jackson showed off her new haircut on the American Idol 2010 season finale.

Jackson took the stage at the Nokia Theater to thunderous applause and joined in as former Idol contestants sang "Again," then performed alone for "Nothing," before briefly disappearing and reemerging in a form-fitting black bodysuit to perform "Nasty" along with male dancers.

Watch the entire Janet Jackson American Idol performance video below:

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janet jackson when did she cut her locks

Janet Jackson was photographed in London yesterday sporting an ultra-short haircut.  The youngest member of the Jackson family has decided to change it up in a big way.

She may have been leading up to this moment by pulling her long hair back  in recent pictures.  Our theory is that she has had it short for some time, using wigs to hide the evidence.

The photo above shows the new style on the left, compared to one that was taken on May 5th.  Another, in our photo spread after the jump, was taken in early April.  The severely pulled back front and the hair around her ear area looks much like the new photos.

The day after the slicked back short pics were taken, JJ appeared at the London premiere of "Why Did I Get Married Too?".  The look was fuller - which is really quite amazing...are we seeing mini hair extensions on top already?

The recording artist has changed up her style any number of times during her 30-something years in show business - see our  JJ hair gallery here.

With her gorgeous face and chiseled features, she really can pull off the new look.  We give it a thumbs up.  You?

More photos of the new 'do below:

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