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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

I love Jennifer Aniston. I was always a "Rachel" and had the haircut to prove it. She is the every-girl...and has a laid back approachable style that I adore. NOw, if only I could get that body

Let's take a look back at Jen's style evolution through the years. She clearly loved the 90's and all they stood for...

Jennifer Aniston Through the Years
A young Jennifer Aniston shows off her natural beauty. Gorgeous!
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Jennifer Aniston Teenager

1. Jennifer Aniston Teenager

A young Jennifer Aniston shows off her natural beauty. Gorgeous!

Jennifer Aniston in 1993

2. Jennifer Aniston in 1993

In 1993, Jennifer Aniston starred in "Leprechaun", a horror movie about a sick, twisted leprechaun. Lovely.

Jennifer Aniston and Friends cast

3. Jennifer Aniston and Friends cast

The producers of the show originally wanted Aniston to audition for the role of Monica Geller, but Courteney Cox was considered to be better suited to the role. Thus, Aniston was cast as Rachel Green. She was also offered a spot as a featured player on Saturday Night Live, but turned it down to do Friends.

Jennifer Aniston in 1995

4. Jennifer Aniston in 1995

The Rachel haircut, also called The Rachel, is a bouncy, square layered hairstyle Aniston wore on Friends and named after her character. Aniston disliked the hairstyle and did not keep it, but the cut was widely imitated and is still popular.

Jennifer Aniston in 1998

5. Jennifer Aniston in 1998

Jennifer Aniston attends the "Meet Joe Black" premiere in 1998.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt in 2000

6. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt in 2000

After spending two years living with the actor Tate Donovan, they split it 1998 and her agent thought it would be a good move to set her up on a blind date –- who just so happened to be Brad Pitt!

Jennifer Aniston Marries Brad Pitt

7. Jennifer Aniston Marries Brad Pitt

Brad and Jennifer got married in a $1 million wedding on July 29, 2000. During the ceremony, Jennifer vowed to make Brad's favorite banana split and Brad promised to find a balance on the thermostat.

Jennifer Aniston in Gold, 2005

8. Jennifer Aniston in Gold, 2005

Jennifer Aniston starred in two movies in 2005, "Derailed" with Clive Owen and "Rumor Has It" with Kevin Costner and Shirley MacLaine.

Jennifer Aniston Divorce

9. Jennifer Aniston Divorce

In January 2005, Pitt and Aniston announced they had decided to separate. Two months later Jenn filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Pitt and Aniston's divorce was finalized on October 2, 2005. And since then, their relationship still remains tabloid fodder, mainly because just a few weeks after Jennifer filed for divorce, Brad was spotted with Angelina Jolie. And the rest is history!

Jennifer Aniston in 2005

10. Jennifer Aniston in 2005

When asked what Jennifer Aniston was looking forward to most in her single life, she told Vanity Fair, "I can have a comfortable couch."

Jennifer Aniston in 2006

11. Jennifer Aniston in 2006

Jennifer attends the Academy Awards in 2006. It was her first time attending and she looked gorg!

Jennifer Aniston 2006

12. Jennifer Aniston 2006

Jennifer Aniston and "The Break Up" co-star Vince Vaughn had a real life break up in 2006 after a very private, year-long relationship.

Jennifer Aniston in 2008

13. Jennifer Aniston in 2008

Jennifer Aniston starred in the huge hit "Marley and Me" in 2008, along with co-star Owen Wilson.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer in 2009

14. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer in 2009

I'll admit - I totally forgot Jennifer dated John Mayer back in 2009. Or maybe I blocked it out. The pair had an on/off relationship throughout 2008 and 2009. John called the breakup ‘the worst of his life.' He told Playboy, "I'll always be sorry that it didn't last. In some ways I wish I could be with her. But I can't change the fact that I need to be 32."

Jennifer Aniston in 2010

15. Jennifer Aniston in 2010

Jennifer Aniston released two movies in 2010, "The Bounty Hunter" with Gerard Butler and "The Switch" with Jason Bateman.

Jennifer Aniston in 2011

16. Jennifer Aniston in 2011

Jennifer Aniston shows off a cute new bob haircut in 2011!

Jennifer Aniston at Chinese Theatre in 2011

17. Jennifer Aniston at Chinese Theatre in 2011

Jennifer Aniston is honored with a Hand And Footprint Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on July 7, 2011 in Hollywood, California. New (then) boyfriend, Justin Theroux, watches!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

18. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Although they had met years prior, Jen and Justin’s romance began to bloom when the two co-starred in the movie Wanderlust. They were officially dating by May 2011.

Jennifer Aniston Gets Engaged!

19. Jennifer Aniston Gets Engaged!

Engagement news broke August 12 when it was announced that Jennifer and Justin Theroux were engaged. “Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday [August 10], receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” his rep confirmed. Check out that ring!

Jennifer Aniston in 2014

20. Jennifer Aniston in 2014

Jennifer goes fresh faced on the set of her movie, "Cake." The movie is about a woman named Claire Simmons who becomes obsessed with the suicide of another woman in her chronic pain support group. Aniston is also an executive producer on the film!

Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

Jennifer WHO? Let's all have a look at Jennifer Aniston...

Jennifer Aniston pic

I have to say, I am a HUGE J-An fan. I love her hair, her tan, her casual style...ok, this is getting weird.

Anyhow, she is getting really real. REAL-real in her new move, Cake, where according to IMDb she is a "grieving mother suffering from chronic pain in the aftermath of a fatal car accident"...which explains the giant scar on her face!

She is co-starring with Anna Kendrick, Sam Worthington and Chris Messina in the new project. Girl needs a hit at the box office, hopefully this will be the one!
Posted by Meg
jennifer aniston vacations with pals

Actress Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux have been enjoying a holiday getaway in Cabo San Lucas.

The Hollywood celebs landed in Mexico on Friday and were photographed lounging poolside on Saturday and Sunday at the 16,000 square foot beach villa in a gated community that goes for $9,500 per night.

Among those frolicking at the desert-meets-ocean luxury digs for their annual year-end hookup: Courteney Cox, Emily Blunt, Howard Stern, Beth Ostrosky, Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney.

The vacation buds showed off their swimwear and buff bodies while laying in the sun and walking along the beach.

Earlier this month, Jen threw a star-studded holiday bash at her Los Angeles home for friends.  Among the guests were Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin, Chelsea Handler, Robert Downey Jr., Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Tobey McGuire.

Aniston, 44, and her fiance, 42, were in full wedding planning mode in September but have since backed away for a second time.  Jen cited a desire to return her focus to her career.

Ironically, her ex-husband Brad Pitt has not walked down the aisle yet with his fiancee Angelina Jolie.

Check out our vacation photo gallery below for more images:

Photos:  WENN
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Posted by Meg
jen reveals shaggy chop job

Jennifer Aniston fans are still trying to come to grips with the shaggy crop chop hairdo that her stylist recently unveiled on Instagram.

Celebrity hair guy Chris McMillan captioned the photo, "LOVE!! #Jennifer Aniston #bobhaircut #Flex #PerfectHairDay #ChrisMcMillan #newdo."

The 44-year-old former 'Cheers' celeb also had work done by her colorist Michael Canale.  He detailed two haircuts and a color session that were accomplished over the course of 10 days.

Canale said, "McMillan cut it short with an a-line back to it so it's got the drop front, like Victoria Beckham but not so exaggerated.  We did it all natural.  We didn't use any toners on it.  We just left it baby blonde and I took a lot of the yellow out of the top section, then we reblended the side."

McMillan admits that the actress can no longer "pony it up" because there's no back section to it.  The final cut is only a few days old, with Chris doing the touch-up on Friday before sharing a sneak peek on social media.  We can't wait to see what the back looks like.

Aniston decided to do it on the spur-of-the-moment after suffering the ravages of a Brazilian blowout that didn't go well.  She said afterward, "I feel great.  I feel lighter.  It's really simple, that's for sure."

Jen's popular celebrity hair guy and the color guy recently spent time in London and shared this candid shot from across the pond:

the hair guy and the color guy

Photos:  Instagram-Chris McMillan, Twitter-Michael Canale, WENN
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Posted by Meg
jen aniston at toronto film festival

A spokesman for Jennifer Aniston has confirmed that she is NOT pregnant, despite a cover story appearing in the September 30 issue of Us Weekly.

Stephen Huvane told Page Six, "The whole story is a complete fabrication all the way from a supposed cancelled Smartwater shoot to Jennifer asking for a late check-out in Toronto and to her stylist having to rework her wardrobe.  None of this ever happened and shame on Us Magazine for once again getting it all wrong.  Jennifer is NOT pregnant."

The latest issue of Us Weekly splashed a banner headline: Jen's Big Secret PREGNANT!  The article referenced photos from her August premiere of 'We're The Millers' as well as red carpet images from the Toronto Film Festival to solidify their case.

jen a covers us weekly

Aniston's rep indicates emphatically that any perceived baby bump has been the result of a "bad camera angle" and nothing more.  While Us Weekly did include Huvane's flat out denials in the article, the mag is still sticking with their story.

The former 'Friends' actress is 44 and plans to wed fiance Justin Theroux when they can arrive at a plan that works for both of their busy schedules.

Photos:  WENN, Us Weekly-Twitter

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Posted by Meg
this is what 44 looks like

Last night Jennifer Aniston opted for a little black dress for her red carpet walk at the Berlin premiere of 'We're the Millers.'

The leather-belted mini with cap sleeves is from the Alexander McQueen collection.  She accessorized her ensemble with a Givenchy bag.

Aniston, 44, has been traveling internationally to promote 'We're the Millers.'  The film is doing very well in the U.S., having far exceeded the expectations of critics.

Once again, the actress played down questions about a wedding and pregnancy rumors.  She told one reporter, "It does feel a bit like those questions have been exhausted.  Why not just wait until we actually get to have the fun of announcing something."

Jen's purple satin dress during the New York City premiere had tongues wagging about the possibility of a baby bump.  She acknowledged a few days later, "No, I'm not pregnant.  I've just put on a few LBS."

Regarding those extra pounds ... Jen's face and upper arms do seem fuller than normal.  We're still not willing to rule out a possible pregnancy because celebs are obsessed with keeping their weight in check, especially when they are promoting a film.

During the London premiere earlier this week, the former 'Friends' actress was rocking a seriously adorable Dior resort dress in a navy floral -- a definite departure from her normal style.

Photos:  WENN

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Posted by Meg
jen aniston rocks navy dior

Jennifer Aniston was red carpet ready at London's Odeon Leicester Square Wednesday night for the premiere of her new movie, 'We're The Millers.'

The 44-year-old actress wore a navy floral print dress that featured a white floral underskirt -- from the Christian Dior 2013 Resort collection.

Aniston was also rocking some seriously tousled tresses--the hairdo that she has coveted for some time now.  It looks like her hair guy finally got the message.

During a recent interview, the former 'Friends' celeb mentioned she was lusting after a style that gives the impression she has just gotten out of bed after a romp.  Her inspiration comes from British model Kate Moss, who has perfected the look--according to Aniston.

'We're the Millers,' with co-star Jason Sudeikis, has turned out to be a box office success, pulling in nearly $45 million since it opened in U.S. theaters last week.

During the New York City premiere, Aniston's shiny satin dress sparked a barrage of pregnancy rumors - pics here.  She responded, "No, not pregnant.  Just put on a few LBS."

Check out more gallery photos of Jen on the London red carpet:

Photos:  WENN

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Posted by Meg
jennifer aniston on gma

Jennifer Aniston sat down for an interview with 'GMA' coorespondent Amy Robach and we learned a great deal about what really sends the 'We're the Millers' actress over the edge and why she won't be hitting Twitter any time soon.

It turns out the 44-year-old actress is seriously irritated by the relentless way that the tabloid media hounds her about being childless.

Aniston claims that every question asked of her in recent years is fashioned in such a way as to illicit details regarding the number of children she wants and if she prefers a boy or a girl."

The once-divorced actress insists that she is extremely content with her life.  Jen acknowledged, "I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing friends, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs, and I tune that noise out."

Realizing that response might seem too unfeeling, she added, "I mean, I think it's very sweet that people want everything for me."

Jen said knowingly, "If I took to Twitter or anything, I would really send people over the edge by correcting every false rumor."

Now that she has checked stripper off her bucket list, she admits that she would like to try the trapeze.   Seriously.

She added, "There are a lot of places I haven't traveled in the world.  I haven't traveled to India or Africa.  I know I've been saying it for a while but I really need to mean it."

During the interview, she talked about the panic that set in before she filmed her stripper scenes.  Check it out below:

See her red carpet photos from the premiere of 'We're the Millers'.

Photo: Video Screen Grab

Posted by Meg
jen a without makeup

'We're the Millers' actress Jennifer Aniston posed in NY Saturday without makeup for a photo with her hair guru, Chris McMillan.

The Instagram image was tagged, "Best #friends #no makeup #girl-time"

For the sake of contrast, we've coupled the pic with another that was taken on the red carpet earlier this week during the New York City premiere of 'We're the Millers' - photo gallery here.

McMillan has been Jen's hair guy for two decades and was responsible for creating her iconic "Rachel" haircut in 1995.  We've included a vintage pic featuring Aniston with co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

courteney cox jen and lisa kudrow

Chris McMillan revealed in the June issue of Marie Claire, "I know that was Jen's least favorite hairstyle because I still hear about it every time I style her hair."

The actress has already lined up Chris to style her hair for her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux.

She recently gave a few hints about how it will be styled for her big day, "I like loose and natural hair because it goes against the formality of the dress.  Loose, like 'I just got out of bed, maybe had a romp' hair."

In 2012 Jennifer became an investor in Living Proof Hair Care, a Massachusetts-based company that sells products at Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, QVC and on website.

She plans to be very hands-on with development and marketing, and will collaborate with the brand's stylists and scientists on new product ideas.

Photos:  Twitter, Instagram-Chris McMillan, WENN

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Posted by Meg
bump and bling

Jennifer Aniston hit the red carpet in Manhattan Thursday night at the premiere of 'We're The Millers,' rocking her engagement bling and possibly a baby bump.

The form-fitting plum satin strapless Burberry dress hugged her thighs and the sheen of the material served to accentuate her midriff in a way that was less than flattering.  Damn satin!

As much as we'd like to see the 44-year-old actress pregnant -- we're fairly certain that once again her rep. will categorical deny reports that Justin Theroux's fiance is going to have a baby.

'We're The Millers,' starring Aniston, Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts, hits theaters Aug. 9.

Check out the trailer below:

 Photos:  WENN
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