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Posted by Kristan Roland

Let's all say it together..."Justin Bieber is an idiot."  The 20 year old singer is in hot water AGAIN after visiting the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Japan.

The shrine, located in Tokyo, honors those who lost their lives in World War II...INCLUDING war criminals and those who committed condemned acts.  Bieber, being the enlightened world traveler that he is, posted a photo of the shrine with the caption, "Thank you for your blessings."


Justin Bieber picture

After fans in China took to social media expressing their outrage, Bieber immediately deleted the image.  WHY doesn't he have a grown up monitoring his social media posts?  The boy is a moron, seriously.

Bieber later posted a screenshot of a Time magazine article that detailed his visit.  He captioned the screenshot, "While in Japan I asked my driver to pull over for which I saw a beautiful shrine. I was mislead to think the Shrines were only a place of prayer. To anyone I have offended I am extremely sorry. I love you China and I love you Japan." 

Seriously kid...if you don't know what something is, just leave it alone.  And maybe find someone a little more educated on history to travel in your entourage.
Bieber made a similarly idiotic move a year ago when he visited the home of Anne Frank, writing in the guest book, "Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber." 
No, Justin.  No she wouldn't have been.
Posted by Kristan Roland

It looks like Selena Gomez loves things that are bad for her!  Both Gomez and on-again off-again flame Justin Bieber were seen holding cigarettes at Coachella.  But that's not all they were holding -- multiple witnesses reported that the couple were holding hands.

I've always thought Selena Gomez was such a doll, but between her nights out with the Kardashians and her refusal to let Bieber fade gently into the night, I'm quickly changing my mind.  Apparently an assault case and a subpoena isn't enough to chase her away, though.  After her dirty dancing session with Bieber in Austin, this seems to seal the deal. 

I'd like to add that smoking cigarettes is ridiculous.  Not only does it mess with your vocal chords, but hello premature wrinkles and lung cancer.  Get a clue, you two!

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Posted by Anna McCauley

Justin Bieber took to his Instagram today to announce that he is done with tattoos...for a while, at least.

"Done with tats 4 a while ... Where I wanna be," Bieber wrote alongside an image of his right arm, tattooed with fish scales, a boombox and an Korean mask to go along with previous pieces that included the word "Trust" and a court jester.

This is just my opinion, but the boy has lots of disposable income at his fingertips.  He could have killer ink, but he has...this.  I mean, I have bad tattoos from when I was 20 too.

Photos via Instagram

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Posted by Anna McCauley

According to newly released documents in the Justin Bieber DUI case, JB is claiming a foot injury is what caused him to walk unsteadily during a sobriety test - NOT alcohol.  The report says Bieber tested positive for Xanax and weed.  However, his alcohol level was just .014.

According to the new documents, Bieber told the arresting police officer, "I'm 19 years old. I'm just out having a good time." The officer replied that he wasn't driving around in a Lambo at that age.  Bieber retorted, "Yeah, well, I bet you didn't have millions of dollars in your bank account either."

The police officer told Bieber it seemed he was having trouble driving the Lamborghini, to which Bieber responded, "What? I've been driving a Lamborghini since I was 15."

So, bratty and spoiled, but drunk...not so much.

Photo via WENN

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Posted by Kristan Roland

Selena Gomez could be headed to court -- and it's all Justin Bieber's fault!

Rumor has it that the "Come and Get It" cutie could be subpoenaed in the Bieber bodyguard assault case.

If you're unfamiliar with the case, Bieber is accused of ordering his bodyguards to assault photographer Jeffrey Binion outside a Miami recording studio last June.  What does Selena have to do with this?  Apparently she has a history of playing peacemaker with the Biebs, and Binion's attorney is hoping she will have some insight into his temper.

Obviously a court appearance (on video!) is a PR disaster, so Selena is hoping to avoid the situation entirely.

Word of advice Miss Gomez -- you are such a cutie!!  Run far away and never touch Justin again.

Photo:  WENN

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Posted by Kristan Roland

Tell us how you REALLY feel!  In an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Seth Rogen was asked about a January tweet where he compared Bieber to a piece of excrement.

Seth explains that he meant, and STILL means, every word.

"Justin Bieber is a piece of s***", Rogen told Cohen. He's obnoxious, ungrateful, and insincere". He later added, "he puts people's lives in danger," obviously referring to multiple complaints made by Justin's neighbors.

I have no doubt that Biebs will get wind of Rogen's thoughts very soon.  If only he knew how much we ALL agree.

What do you think?  Was Seth harsh or did he hit the nail on the head?

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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

So while Selena Gomez is back ON with Justin Bieber it looks like her friendship with bestie, Taylor Swift might be on a break.

It's not a secret that Swift isn't a huge Biebs fans, but it looks like she's got a bit of tough love going on with Selena...a "him or her" kinda thing.

It's also being alleged that Selena had a brief fling with another Swift BFF, Ed Sheeran while she and the Biebs were taking time off, and Taylor thinks Selena used Ed to make her ex mad.

Not cool.

SOOO, I guess we just wait and see what happens when Selena and the Biebs break up again...because, of course.

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Posted by Kristan Roland

After posting a video dirty dancing with Selena Gomez to John Legend's "Ordinary People", Justin Bieber promptly deleted the clip from his Instagram account.

Of course, the videos had already been eaten by the Internet and will be viewable for eternity.  If anyone would know about the power of media, you'd think it would be Biebs.

No word on whether he and Gomez are rekindling their romance, but the video came on the heels of the pair being spotted in an Austin Starbucks and at a SXSW event later last week. word of advice from me -- RUN.

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Posted by Mimi
kylie jenner with lil za at justin biebers house

Kylie Jenner was hanging out with Lil Za at Justin Bieber's house just weeks after he was arrested at Bieber's home and charged with two felony counts of drug possession when police found Ecstasy and Oxycontin near him, and one count of causing damage in excess of $950 to jail property for breaking a phone on the wall.

Kylie, 16, posted pics on Instagram, mugging for the camera with the 19-year-old rapper.

"I never thought my friends would actually attack someone in the same position as me and my family," Kylie posted on Twitter at the time of Za's initial arrest.

Za also took to Twitter after the arrest, saying, "Shame on you LA County sherrif office and shame on the judge who signed a search warrant for investigating egg-throwing in Calabasas," adding, "Thousands of tax payers dollars were just WASTED by sending 12 ARMED officers with GUNS DRAWN in Justin Bieber's home to search for Eggs."

We're betting Kris Jenner is not too happy about her youngest daughter's choice of friends.

photo: Instagram

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Posted by Meg
bieber plane searched

Justin Bieber arrived at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey Friday from Canada for a weekend of Super Bowl action.  Customs authorities, acting on a tip, boarded his private plane in search of contraband.

Officials suspected the presence of marijuana on board the aircraft but reportedly came up empty during their search of Bieber's ride.  He and his entourage were cleared for entry into the U.S. without further incident.

The pop singer flew in from Toronto on Jan. 31, after surrendering to Canadian authorities late this week in response to a charge stemming from an alleged assault of a limo driver in December.

A week earlier, JB was arrested in Miami Beach for DUI, drag racing and operating without a valid drivers license.

Prior to that, Los Angeles police searched his rented Calabasas mansion for evidence pertaining to an egg throwing incident that caused $20,000 in damages to one of his neighbors.  That case will soon be presented to the L.A. District Attorney's office for possible prosecution.

Photo:  WENN

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