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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

Oh no! Kris Jenner was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday!

Kris and Bruce Jenner Together pic

Luckily her estranged husband, Bruce was right by her side. The 58 year old Kris was taken to a hospital near her Calabasas home in California. NO reports yet on why she was rushed in, except that X-rays needed to be taken.  Bruce was there the whole time with her for moral support.

Stay tuned to see what the hospitalization was all about!

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Posted by Anna McCauley

Back together or just good friends?  

That's the question of the day after Bruce and Kris Jenner were spotted holding hands after the family returned from their Thailand trip today.  

Bruce and Kris Jenner

The two officially announced they were separating back in October 2013.  Bruce moved out to his Malibu pad and Kris stayed in the Calabasas family home.  At the beginning of season 9 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Bruce admitted that he didn't ever see himself going back, and that he and Kris were better apart.  

And although the two have been spotted out together before, this is the first time they've shown such a united front.  Maybe Thailand transformed them!  

But as always with this family, it's hard to know what's real and what's for the cameras!  

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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

So the rumors are flying around there a Kris Jenner sex tape out there?

Let's all hope for the sake of the universe the answer to that question is no...BUT it appears that there might be some validity...

Apparently Kris is being contacted by a man that claims to be in possession of a sex tape of the 58 year old matriarch.  He is trying to extort large sums of money or he is going to "release" the tape.  While Kris doesn't believe a tape to exists, she is beginning to wonder based on the insistence of the unknown man.

The reason that they are taking the claims seriously is that Kris is getting random texts from this person while she is out to eat, with the man claiming to know where she is at all times.  She is fearing she is being followed and possibly taped without her knowing!

Could it be Todd Crane?? Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens!

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Posted by Meg
kris jenner weighs in on kanye scuffle

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner weighed in on the alleged assault of a teenager that has her future son-in-law Kanye West in trouble with Beverly Hills Police.

During a radio interview Tuesday, the family spokeswoman was asked about reports suggesting that West attacked an 18-year old male after the kid spewed some nasty language at Kim.

Kris acknowledged, "I do know that how it started was this person got really ... said a lot of racial, hateful, horrible things.  Apparently many times.  Very hateful person.  And I think that's where it started."

Then Jenner dialed it back a notch, "I'm not quite sure how it ended.  I've literally been doing press all day today and have not been home so I haven't talked to anybody to give you a better update.  But somebody got really out of line."

A police investigation is underway based on a report filed by a teenager who said he was attacked by Kanye West after the singer followed him into the office of a Beverly Hills chiropractor.

An eyewitness in the waiting room told TMZ that the victim was sitting in a chair when Kanye and his fiancee entered the business.  The rapper made a beeline for the kid and started slugging him repeatedly in the face.  The teen was covering his face but Kanye continued to "pummel him like a boxer."

Kim just stood there and silently watched the beating as the office receptionist screamed, "Stop, stop!"

When police arrived Kardashian had already headed to her furniture design appointment in another building.  Her baby daddy wasn't on the premises either, having been emphatically ordered to leave by the office manager.

If investigators determine that West did assault the teen, the rapper could face his second misdemeanor battery charge within the last few months.  West pleaded not guilty in November 2013 to charges of misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft perpetrated against a photographer who made the mistake of trying to talk to the singer at LAX.  That case is still pending.

Meanwhile, his future bride has been in contact with her lawyer to determine how she should proceed.  According to KK, the youth pose a clear threat to her when he screamed, "N**** lover ... I will kill you sl*t."

Photo:  WENN

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Posted by Missy
kris jenner

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The much-anticipated 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' film is set to be released on Dec. 18th.  During theAustralian premiere, co-stars Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and David Koechner gave a live rendition of the tune 'Afternoon Delight' from the first movie.

Check it out!

Photo Credit: WENN
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Posted by Missy
the kardashian christmas card

Two second rant alert! When is comes to reality television things are seldom a slice of life happening in real time. For instance... the upcoming 'KUWTK' holiday special was taped in the middle of September.

Merry Christmas to the Kardashian-Jenner family! In a recent preview for the holiday episode the family gathers around, minus Lamar Odom and Kanye West, to unwrap fake gifts and share old videos with their viewers.

At the time of the taping Kris and Bruce Jenner were still acting like all was good in la la land, because of course this was filmed before they announced the big split. Although they are separated they remain in constant contact.  In fact, Kris just presented him with the Legendary Athlete Award.

Where was Kanye? Evidently he isn't into fake Christmas ... and Odom's drug addiction was spiraling out of control and he was no longer residing with Khloe.

In the holiday teaser the family promises to reveal their 2013 Christmas card as part of 'KUWTK: A Very Merry Christmas' special airing December 1, 2013 on E!.  Will you be watching?

Since it is 'Flashback Friday,' we topped this post with a Kardashian family photo that was shared on Twitter by Kendall Jenner.  She captioned it, "The little one is me."

Photo Credit: Kendall Jenner Twitter

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Posted by Meg
kanye stiffs bruce jenner

Kanye West did not invite Bruce Jenner to witness his engagement surprise for Kim Kardashian Monday night at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

A large group of invited guests poured out of the MLB dugout as West got down on one knee and proposed to his reality star girlfriend.

Kim's step-father of 22-years found out about her engagement when she phoned him from the ballpark festivities.  To her credit, he was the first person she called after receiving the 15-Carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond sparkler.

This revelation seems to suggest that Kris Jenner is not enjoying a blissful relationship with the former Olympic champion.  She and Kanye were joined at the hip in planning every last detail of the engagement event--including the list of invitees.

Bruce was not a happy camper when Kim hooked up with the rapper soon after dumping Kris Humphries.  He voiced his strong objections on their E! reality show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashian.'

The final straw came when he found out that his wife was planning to remodel a suite of rooms in their Calabasas residence to house the rapper, his baby mama and their daughter Nori.  BJ rented a Malibu beach house and moved out before KW arrived in mid-June.

You-Tube co-founder Chad Hurley used his new video app MixBit to film the momentous occasion.  Check it out below:

Photo:  WENN

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Posted by Missy
new you kris jenner

Days after reality star Kris Jenner announced she and Bruce Jenner have separated, the television personality and businesswoman shared her biggest regret -- ending her marriage with the father of her four oldest children.

Kris said during an interview with New You magazine, "The one regret, if I had to do it over, would be divorcing Robert Kardashian. But then there wouldn't have been Kendall and Kylie, so that's the way I look at it."

She explained, "Everything happens for a reason, and we learn from our mistakes. I thought I was so smart when I was young; I was fearless."

We can't help but wonder what her current husband of 22 years might be thinking about her newest revelation.  On second thought, the outspoken family matriarch has probably said as much to him on numerous occasions.

The mom-manager also gushed about a few of her children, "Khloé is exactly how I am in the way she likes to nest and cook; the way she is with everything in her home – even the way she makes a bed and sets a table."

Jenner claims she and daughter Kim have very similar personalities and her only son Rob takes after his father. "They look alike, act alike and have the same mannerisms. It's an amazing reminder of what an amazing dad Robert was. He was a great husband and a good person."

Recently Kim posted a family photo, circa 1989, of her late-father and his then-wife and four kids.  Check out Kris' biggest regret below:

kardashian family photo circa 1989

Photo Credit: New You, Instagram-Kim Kardashian
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Posted by Missy
the game

The Game claims that his relationship with reality star Khloe Kardashian is one of friendship and nothing more.

Khloe remains estranged from her former NBA husband Lamar Odom and has been spotted out and about with the 33-year-old rapper, leading to speculation that they are more than just pals.

He told Us Weekly,  "The pictures that you see of us out together are because she is part of my 60 Days of Fitness team. Khloe is my friend. She is like a sister. We have never slept together and will never be sleeping together.  Lamar is my homie and her husband. I wish people wouldn't spread such false rumors."

In a rare sighting Wednesday, Kardashian and Lamar were seen arriving at Kris Jenner's Calabasas home as news broke about the the family matriach's legal separation from her husband of 22 years, former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner.

Khloe recently told several friends that she is afraid to pull the trigger on a divorce action because she fears that Odom will fall even deeper into drugs and end up dying.  She feels like she is in a no-win situation because she has not been able to convince her husband to get the help he so desperately needs.

The reality celeb and her BFF Malika Haqq hit Tru nightclub with their rapper pal Monday night.  Haqq hit Twitter with a photo of the trio.

malika haqq game and khloe hit tru

Photo Credit: WENN, Twitter-Malika
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Posted by Meg
kathie lee gifford weighs in on split

This morning on NBC's TODAY Show, co-host Kathie Lee Gifford suggested that her 'KUWTK' reality star BF's home life is out of control.

Gifford revealed, "We have some sad news.  I've known this for a long, long time but it's now official.  Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian Jenner have officially separated."

"When I went out to do her talk show 'Kris' this past summer, we had a chance to really talk about it.  Who says I can't keep secrets?"

"They do not have a pre-nup and neither has met with a lawyer.  I don't think it's at that point - maybe it is.  There is going to be a lot of money to divide up if they end up doing that.  I'm hoping for the family's sake that they are going to be reconciled."

"I think they've been under such unbelievable pressure and I'm not making excuses.  Just so many things going on.  Last time I was at Kris' house, in every different room somebody was meeting with somebody about a new deal.  If it's always about the deal going on and you can't find your husband or your wife or your kids in your house because there is so much going on -- it's just gotten out of control."

"The best thing they have together are those girls Kendall and Kylie, my godchildren.  I'm just worried about them."

Her co-host Hoda Kotb mentioned that last week's episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' had 1.8 million viewers, the lowest ratings in the history of the show.

They say timing is everything.  That said, could it be that the separation announcement was a knee jerk strategy to help boost ratings?  We wouldn't be surprised.

Check out Kathie Lee talking about her BF Kris Jenner below.  Move the slider to 1:50:

 Photo:  Twitter-Kathie Lee and Hoda
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