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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

It was either Shakespeare or Rick James who said, "Cocaine is a helluva drug," and there's no better proof of that old adage than Lindsay Dee Lohan.

LIndsay Lohan Cannes Pic

Lindsay forgot her lines and generally bombed during her stage debut in London last night, but don't worry - she's still holding tight to every one of her druggy delusions.

Lindsay revealed her five-year plan during an interview with Time Out London recently and, was every bit as hilarious as you might have guessed.

"In five years I would like to be married and have children and hopefully be at the Oscars, but that's as far as it goes now."

Hey man, believe it and achieve, right? You can do anything you set your mind to...Unless you're Lindsay Lohan and you've set your mind to winning an Oscar because they don't have a category for fashioning a crack pipe out of a car antenna, so that will never, ever happen.

The interviewer then asked Lindsay about Mean Girls, because that's one of the few topics that won't make LiLo's eyes sting with boozy tears.

"I was with Tina Fey the other day and I said we should do another Mean Girls," Linds said. "Like an older version where they're all housewives and they're all cheating."

Yeah, my character showed a lot of potential when she was young, but you know how everyone turns into a drug-addled husk of their former self when they get older and...What do you mean that only happened to me?! Here come the whiskey weeps! 

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

In case you managed to to wipe the incident from your memory (you lucky SOB), Lindsay Lohan a compiled "sex list" of all celebrities she's banged during her latest rehab stint.

James Franco's name was on the list, and he was not happy about it. Franco claims he never slept with Lindsay and to drive the point home, he wrote a freaking short story in which she tries to bed him and he shoots her down. 

  • Lindsay Lohan image
  • James Franco at TimesTalks

Lohan responded to Franco's story in an interview with E! News over the weekend, and as you might guess, she's none too thrilled with being portrayed as a desperate floozy but one of Hollywood's biggest D-bags.

"If someone wants to do that for their own reasons, there's nothing to say," Lindsay replied when asked about Frano's literary endeavor. "I'm not in their head. I would never do that. I didn't read it."

As for the still-unknown person who leaked the list itself - well, get ready for the rarest of beasts, an lucid, rational comment from Lindsay Lohan:

"That's one of the hardest [things], that's something that is uncomfortable to have to say to anyone, let alone for it to be posted everywhere, so it's not a joke. It wasn't funny, it was cruel. It's bad karma for whoever [released] it. It was s--tty." 

Yes, we enjoy having a laugh at Lindsay's expense now and then, but in this case, we'll definitely take her side over Franco and whoever posted the list. Lindsay 1, Douches 0.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Lindsay Lohan moved to London recently, reportedly in part to escape the aggressive LA paparazzi and the temptation of her favorite Hollywood hot spots.

Lindsay Lohan C Restaurant

The problem is, London has clubs too. And Lindsay must have realized that she misses all the pap attention the second she touched down at Heathrow, because she's been posting non-stop questionable selfies ever since.

First there were the distressingly saggy Lohan cleavage photos. (Yes, plural. It's a full-blown pictorial.)

Now, we have Lindsay drunk and naked from the waist down in a photo that can only be described as a cry for help.

Okay, so we don't know for certain that she's drunk, but there's a glass of champagne clearly visible in the photo and we just don't believe that even Lindsay would take her pants off, snap a selfie and post it to Instagram all while sober.

So clearly London hasn't turned out to be the positive influence Linds thought it would be. We hope for her sake she returns to the States soon.

If you're gonna go off the rails, you may as well do it where you know people to bail you out.

by Casey Blake Lively at . Comments

Lindsay Lohan is keeping the party going in Cannes! Luckily this time she's keeping her shirt ON!

LIndsay Lohan Cannes Instagram pic

Lohan and her brother, Michael Jr. have been spotted out on the night circuit dancing and partying until the wee hours.

Some say the two have appeared a little too close for brotherly love, I am sure it's all in a good, fun Angelina Jolie-brother-love way: Kinda creepy, but well intentioned. Right?

Anyhow dancing, DJ'ing and laughing seem to be on her agenda in Cannes, and she has been said to be doing it all sober!

Good for you girl! Red Bull runs through her veins right now.

by Casey Blake Lively at . Comments

Lindsay Lohan is in Cannes. Have you heard..or err..seen?

Well, if you follow LiLo on Instgram your eyes are probably bleeding Cannes right now. Because our gal has been documenting her trip one selfie after another.

And if you are still questioning her sobriety, let's have a look at the classiest of all the selfies:The topless selfie.

LIndsay Lohan Topless Selfie

She captioned this pic with, "Had the most amazing flight with . Excited for @ @Uber_Cannes xx,"

Continue Reading...

by Jamie Lee Curtis Granderson at . Comments

Although she said on her docuseries that she's tired of the night club life, Lindsay Lohan hit up the club scene full force while in London - and partied until the early hours of the morning. 

Lindsay Lohan C Restaurant

Although it's not a surprise, it is quite disappointing that Lindsay seems to have fallen back into the party scene.  

In legal news, Lindsay recently cited her recent miscarriage in an apology to a federal judge Thursday as her lawyer claimed clothing label Bebe fleeced the actress by illegally selling her 6126 designs (remember when that was a thing she did) with Bebe labels.  

Lohan sued for $1.1 million last year, claiming the Southern California-based company breached their multiyear 2008 licensing deal by defaulting on $900,000 in guaranteed minimum royalties plus 10% of net sales.

The company counter-sued, claiming Lohan ruined the deal when her personal life unraveled with legal issues that led to both jail and rehab in 2010.

A trial has been set for July 22.

Oh, Linds.  Get. It. Together. 

by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

He said, she said?  James Franco vehemently denied his place on Lindsay Lohan's "sex list"during his interview with radio host Howard Stern on Wednesday, April 30. 

"I will swear on anything you ask that I have never had sex with Lindsay Lohan," Franco swore to Stern, who wasn't letting up. "I bet if you brought her in here and you asked her to her face, 'Did you have sex with James?' she would say 'Yes.' I think she's that…"

"Delusional?" Stern offered.

James Franco at TimesTalks

"Or doesn't remember?" Franco replied. "Alright, we maybe kissed. It was lame. I can't believe she put me on that private list! She's so delusional!"

The Freaks and Geeks star said he kissed Lohan early on in his career, when he was in awe of her celebrity.  He claims that he later felt bad about it because "she was young."

Ummm...since when does a thing like that stop him?

Years later, the two were living in the same hotel.  Franco claims he woke up at 3 am to Lohan standing over him.

What?!  So many QUESTIONS!!  How did she get in?  Was he frightened?


Franco told Stern that even with her in his room in the middle of the night, he stayed a gentleman.

"It sounds so nerdy, but I read her a story," he confessed. "I will swear on my mother's life that I never had sex with her."


by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

After last night's shocking announcement that she suffered a miscarriage, Lindsay Lohan is keeping the bombshells coming.  In an interview with Kode Magazine, Lohan, who drank vodka throughout the meeting, revealed that she is dating a married father.

So far, Lohan has insisted that she's only had ONE glass of wine since leaving rehab 6 months ago.  But according to her interviewer, Lindsay, 'takes a sip from her freshly topped off glass of vodka on the rocks.  From this moment, all questions of sobriety seem irrelevant.'  He also alludes to the fact that her family is WELL aware of her drinking, stating that she roamed music festival Coachella with her brothers and sister, carrying an Evian bottle filled with vodka.  A trusted source of the magazine ALSO claims that she was high on ecstasy the first night of Coachella.

Kode Magazine Lindsay Lohan

This is not the first rumor to surface regarding Lohan's sobriety at Coachella.  All signs are pointing to her being a hot mess of cray.

The interviewer also claims that Lindsay said, 'Oh this guy I'm seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me...but he's married with kids.'

Well, Oprah.  You didn't get ratings and you didn't fix Lindsay. 

What would Maya Angelou say about that?

Photo:  Kode Magazine

by Casey Blake Lively at . Comments

Well, here's the shocker of the morning.

On opposite day, maybe.

OWN will NOT be renewing Lindsay Lohan's Docu-series, Lindsay, on OWN for another season.

What you say? How could that BE? I mean, she's been so delightfully honest and open. She's been so punctual and earnest in her recovery process.


Lindsay Lohan OWN pic

Apparently Oprah isn't thrilled with the direction the show has taken. Initially it was supposed to cover her newly sober-life while staging a comeback, but instead the docu-series has just shown how UNinterested Lindsay is about really getting clean and working again.

Besides ratings being horrible, the show has no redemptive quality whatsoever. Instead it just shows how LIndsay is her own worst enemy, surrounding herself with enablers and firing everyone around her that doesn't initially agree with her, or counters her in anyway.

The whole thing is such a mess.

by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

Oh, Oprah.  Last night, Lindsay Lohan revealed that she suffered a miscarriage while filming the final episode of her OWN docu-series, "Lindsay."

The "Mean Girls" actress has been a hot mess for much of the show, chasing off both her life coach and sober companion, and admitting to relapsing. At one point Oprah showed up at Dina Lohan's house to check in, telling Lindsay to "cut the bulls**t."

Lindsay Lohan image

Filming was often held up due to Lohan's chaotic life, which seemed to involve sleeping until late afternoon and dealing with never ending boxes of old clothes.

The whole show stresses me out.  It's like being caught in a cyclone on a treadmill.  Constantly exerting energy and being thrown all around, but never actually GOING ANYWHERE.

During last night's 2 hour finale, there was much made of a TWO WEEK break in filming in which the 27 year old held up production.

"No one knows this, and we can finish after this, I had a miscarriage for the two weeks that I took off," Lohan said, adding, "It's a long story."

I truly feel for any woman that has suffered such a tremendous loss, but I have to question Lindsay's truthfulness here.  She was drinking and smoking THROUGHOUT the show -- was she really pregnant?

What are your thoughts?

Photo:  WENN