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mindy mccready dead

Mindy McCready's two boys have been in the foster care system since Feb. 7, and are now wards of the state following the singer's tragic suicide on Sunday.

Zander, 6, is the son of Mindy's ex-boyfriend Billy McKnight, and Zayne, 10 months, is now an orphan.  His father David Wilson, Mindy's fiance, killed himself in January.

Mindy's mental and physical health deteriorated quickly after the death of Wilson.  Fearing for the safety of the young boys, her father Tim McCready petitioned the court to immediate intervene on his grandson's behalf because his daughter "hadn't bathed in a week ... was screaming about everything  and was very verbally abusive to Zander."

The judge granted the petition and the children remain in state foster care.  No decision has been made about their future fate.

McKnight will seek custody of his son Zander.  He told PEOPLE, "My son needs me.  I'm married, working and successful. I'm on the right track and proud of it. I've been sober for years. I just want my son."

Mindy's mother Gayle Inge, who was awarded primary custody of Zander for several extended periods in the past, is seeking custody of both boys and has the full support of the Dept. of Human Services, who officially notified Circuit Judge Lee Harrod that Inge has a "substantial relationship" with the children.

A custody hearing is scheduled for April 5.

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mindy mcready photo gallery

Details are beginning to emerge about the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of country singer Mindy McCready, 37, who took her own  life Sunday, Feb 17.

Deputies were sent to her home around 4 p.m. and found her body on the front porch along with that of her dead dog.

The Cleburne County Sheriff's office released the following statement last night:

"At 3:31 PM, Sunday, February 17th deputies from the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a report of gun shots fired in the area of 1132 Fox Chase Drive in Heber Springs. Officers arrived on the scene at 3:58 PM and discovered the body of 37 year old Melinda Gayle McCready on the front porch of the residence. Ms. McCready was pronounced dead at the scene from what appears to be a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. At this time family members have been notified of the incident. Ms. McCready will be transported to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for an autopsy and the matter will be fully investigated."

The dog, oddly, was a key figure in an ongoing investigation into the death of McCready's longtime boyfriend who died of a gun shot last month.  McCready recently told NBC, "I didn't find the bullet, the dog did.  It was in the dog's mouth."

McCready is survived by her son Zander, 6, with ex Billy McKnight, and baby Zayne, 10 months.

The youngest child's father, record producer David Wilson, was found dead on Jan. 13, 2013 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.  Coroner Warren Olmstead, who has not yet ruled in the case of Wilson, will also be conducting the autopsy and death investigation in the McCready case.

A  judge removed both of Mindy's sons from her custody on Feb. 6 citing safety and welfare as his prime concern.  McCready was sent back to rehab for a mental-health and alcohol-abuse evaluation but was reportedly moved to outpatient care within the last few days.

Zander's father appeared this morning on TODAY and said, "As sad as it is, it didn't come as a major shock, because she's just been battling demons for so long.  I was around her when she attempted suicide twice, so I knew it was in her."

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mindy mccready dead

Mindy McCready has been found dead from an apparent suicide.

According to reports, the country music singer shot and killed herself Sunday evening.

“A close family friend of Mindy McCready has informed me that the country singer has committed suicide," Stacy McCloud, a reporter at FOX 17 in Nashville tweeted.

“The Mindy McCready suicide I told you about has now been confirmed from 4 different sources. A statement from the family is in the works," she tweeted a short time later.

E! News has also confirmed McCready's death with a family friend.

Things have been rough lately for the troubled singer. Her boyfriend, David Wilson, committed suicide just over a month ago. On February 6, her two children were removed from her home and she was committed to a treatment facility for mental-health and drug and alcohol abuse evaluation.


UPDATE: Mindy McCready shot her dog before turning the gun on herself -- new details about Mindy McCready's suicide

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mindy mccready

Singer-songwriter David Wilson, 34, died in his Heber Springs, Arkansas home on Sunday evening, reportedly from a self-inflicted gun shot wound.  He was country singer Mindy McCready's boyfriend and the father of her 9-month-old son, Zayne.

The Cleburne County Arkansas Sheriff's Office confirmed that authorities responded to his home on Sunday after receiving a report of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Mindy released a statement:

"Today, we mourn the loss of my life partner and my children's father.  David Wilson was my soul-mate, a caregiver and guiding hand to our sons, Zander and Zayne.  He was a precious gift from God to all of us and, yesterday, he returned home and is now with his mother and father. David loved and was loved. Those who knew and loved him will miss him; those who did not know David missed the opportunity to know a truly loving and gifted man."

McCready, 37, has struggled with her own demons, including drug busts, jail stints, severe depression and a suicide attempt in 2008 that led to her hospitalization after she cut her wrists and took pills.  The series of legal woes led the Arkansas court system to award primary custody of her oldest son, 6, to the singer's mother.

In 2008, it was revealed that the troubled singer had carried on a long-term affair with baseball star Roger Clemens that began when she was 15.

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mindy mccready

Country singer Mindy McCready and boyfriend David Wilson welcomed baby Zayne into the world on April 9.

The new parents released this statement, “Zayne is truly a blessing and a joy.  It was a long and trying pregnancy; we’re so happy he’s here. There are no words to convey how happy we are.”

When Mindy announced her pregnancy she indicated that she was having twins.  Her rep clarified with E! News about that, “At the time of the initial announcement surrounding Mindy’s pregnancy, in consideration of her size, Mindy was certain she was carrying twins; a misinterpreted sonogram seemed to support her feelings and excitement.”

This is Mindy's second child.  Son Zander, 6, with ex-boyfriend Billy McKnight, was removed from her custody and placed with Mindy's mother several years ago.  Last November Mindy fled from Florida to Arkansas with the child.  Police investigators found them hiding in a closet.

A child welfare hearing in December provided a ruling that sat well with Mindy.   She can't talk about it but she claims she is "happy" with the outcome.

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mindy risks arrest by withholding son from legal guardian1

The interstate custody standoff between Mindy McCready and Florida Children and Family Services was resolved Friday night when law enforcement authorities found the country singer and her son Zander huddled in a closet.

McCready, pregnant with twins, and her 5-year-old were discovered hiding out at the home of her boyfriend, in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

The boy's legal guardian is Mindy's estranged mother.  A social services caseworker alerted police after discovering that Zander had been taken from Cape Coral, Florida on Tuesday, in violation of a court order that allowed her supervised visits but no custodial rights.

David Rahbany, the chief deputy U.S. Marshal in eastern Arkansas, said, "The child appeared to be in good condition when we found him.  He was in the closet with his mother."

McCready was not charged by Arkansas authorities but may not fare as well with a judge in Florida who threatened to issue an arrest warrant if she did not return the child to his home by 5:00 p.m. Friday.

Zander was placed in the custody of Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services until he can be reunited with his maternal grandmother, Gayle Ingle, in Florida.

Ingle told CNN, "We feel sorrow for Zander because he's traumatized, and for Mindy.  We just hope she does the right thing from here on out and that this is a wake-up call."

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mindy risks arrest by withholding son from legal guardian

Earlier this week country singer Mindy McCready snatched her five-year-old son Zander from her father's house in Cape Coral, Florida and took him to her home in Nashville despite the fact that she is not the legal custodial guardian for the boy.

A caseworker with the Florida Department of Children and Families alerted authorities that McCready had unlawfully removed the child from the area.  A judge ordered Mindy to return the boy by Thursday at 5:00 p.m. or risk an arrest warrant.

Mindy tried to explain her situation yesterday on her Facebook page, but never mentioned the reason why she snatched her boy.  That all changed when she granted a phone interview to an AP reporter, shedding an interesting new light on the already bizarre chain of circumstances.

The latest twist in the case is that the musician is reportedly seven months pregnant with twins and doesn't think it would be a good idea to travel back to Florida in her present condition.  The baby daddy is a music producer named David, who is reportedly supportive of her decision to remove the boy from Florida and try to regain custody.

McCready is hopeful that the case will be moved to the Tennessee court system, a state that might be more sympathetic to her situation.  She claims that the boy has been abused by her estranged mother, Gayle Inge, who was granted custody of Zander several years ago.  Inge called the allegations "absolutely not true."

The singer, who has visitation rights, tried to rationalize her decision to flee with the child, "I'm a mom first.  No matter what happens, I'm going to protect my kid.  If I have to go to jail, so be it."

Mindy has a track record that would make most judges cringe.  She has suffered for years from substance addiction, with multiple stints in rehab.  She has also been hospitalized following a number of failed suicide attempts.

She dropped a bombshell some years ago by revealing that she had carried on a secret ten-year affair with MLB player Roger Clemens beginning when she was 15.

Yesterday was McCready's 36th birthday.  The saga is far from over but the ball is clearly in her court right now.

Photos:  WENN, video screen grab

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mindy mccready and son on the lamb

Troubled country singer Mindy McCready fled Cape Coral, Florida with her 5-year-old son Zander on Tuesday and remains in hiding at an undisclosed location.

McCready unlawfully removed the boy from her father's home earlier this week.  A Department of Children and Families employee became suspicious when the boy was reported missing from school for several days and decided to made a home visit.

The grandfather and step-grandmother were questioned about the child's whereabouts and were less than forthcoming with the caseworker, who subsequently called police to report Zander missing.

Mindy's mother is the custodial guardian of the boy.  It is unclear if she was aware that her daughter had fled with the child.

A Florida judge granted an emergency pickup order and ruled that McCready has until 5:00 p.m. Thursday to voluntarily return the child or risk an arrest warrant.

Lt. Tony Sizemore made contact with McCready on Wednesday via a video chat service.  He told reporters, "She is currently outside of the terms of her family court stipulation.  She knows that she is supposed to bring her son back to Lee County by 5 p.m. Thursday.  The million dollar question is whether she will comply."

The singer has been hospitalized a number of times for suicide attempts and also spent several stints in rehab for substance addiction.  Last year she appeared on season three of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

McCready posted a message on Facebook: "FB Friends I have been fighting the Florida court system to protect my son, and bring him home.  There is NO AMBER ALERT and my son is not missing!  Detectives from the Cape Coral Police department established that this afternoon via Skype.  Please do not worry or support anything they continue to lie about! Thanks Always....Mindy."

View a photo of the young boy below:

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Mindy McCready is in the hospital in Cape Coral, Florida for what her mother told paramedics was a drug overdose.  McCready's mother Gayle McCready dialed 911 at 10:38 a.m. ET today, from her North Fort Myers home, to summon an ambulance for her daughter.  The singer was taken to Cape Coral Hospital.  Listen to the 911 call here.

This is where the story gets interesting.  McCready's rep, Bret Young, indicates that his client broke her toe several days ago and asked her mother for something to relieve the pain.  Gayle McCready reportedly gave her recovering addict daughter some heavy duty narcotics -  four Darvocet pills.

Young went on to say that Mindy started feeling ill, and her mother "overreacted" and called 911.  He reportedly just talked to Mindy and said, "She's totally coherent.  She can't believe her mom did this."

McCready asked her rep to call Dr. Drew next, to assure him that she has not fallen off the recovery wagon.  She appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" in August 2009.

The country performer is listed in good condition and has been admitted to the hospital; where she will remain at least overnight, while her condition is evaluated further.

The singer has had a checkered past.  In recent years she acknowledged a 10 year affair with former MLB player Roger Clemens.  She has done jail time and has been in rehab on several occasions.  Her mother currently cares for her daughter's 4-year-old son Zander.

Top Photo:  PicApp

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mindy mccready sells a sex tape to vivid entertainment

Mindy McCready must need some fast cash.  She has hooked up with adult video producer Vivid Entertainment and is set to release "Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress" on April 19.  The tape will reportedly reveal her inner most secrets, both in the bedroom and in interviews that will appear throughout the tape.

The country singer talks about her old flame, baseball great Roger Clemens.  The couple carried on a 10 year secret affair.  Mindy attempts to set the record straight by reporting that contrary to popular belief,  she and Clemens didn't get intimate until she was of legal age.  She even sheds some light on a problem he reportedly had with "erectile dysfunction", though she counters that claim with the fact that he was "good" in bed.

Mindy compared several of her ex-lovers, including former fiance Dean Cain of "Superman" fame, who was reportedly better "endowed" than Clemens.  The featured action in the flick is reportedly with a past boyfriend she refers to as 'Peter'.

Roger Clemens carried on numerous affairs while married to his gorgeous and buff wife Debbie Clemens.

McCready has had her share of problems, including several jail and rehab stints, including her recent appearance on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab".

UPDATE: McCready was taken by ambulance to a Florida ER on May 25, 2010 for a suspected drug overdose.

More photos and the soundtrack from her new single "I'm Still Here" below:

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