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Tila Tequila, reality TV star and Hollywood hottie, had her life turned upside down on Easter by a stalker who destroyed her home and caused the celebrity to fear for her life.

While enjoying a barbeque at a friends home on Sunday, Tila was unaware that her home and her belongings were being torn apart.  Blaming the incident on a stalker, Tila is now afraid to be alone in her own home and is staying with a friend.

As most stars do, she turned to her Twitter account to address the issue with her fans:

"Someone did indeed break into my house.  It's been a very scary night for me...too much has happened.  I am scared, exhausted and drained, but I am ok!  Want to apologize to my fans who were worried about me.

I'm moving into a different house very soon because I have a stalker who is very much endangering my life at the moment...They broke everything in my living room...EVERYTHING is shattered!  I am so sad right now...this sucks!"

The actress found her dog in the trunk of her car.  No word yet on potential suspects or the possibility of evidence being captured on security video.

Photo:  WENN

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Rapper Soulja Boy is keeping relatively quiet about being robbed at gunpoint by six men who entered his Georgia home last Tuesday.  The singer, whose real name is DeAndre Ramone Way, and several of his friends were in the home at the time of the attack.

On Wednesday a video turned up on the internet with two masked men claiming to be the robbers.  Not only did they admit to the crime but they also said this isn't the first time they have encountered Soulja Boy.  The criminals said that they "stalked" him at the release party for his latest album iSouljaBoyTellem and followed him to his home after the party.

In the homemade video, the criminals shot down rumors that there were six guns involved and said that they had robbed him with one gun between the two of them.

Not much talk has come out of Soulja's camp.  His rep has confirmed only that there was a "serious situation" that occurred.

Photo:  WENN

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This is something you won't hear everyday! Ashlee Simpson and soon to be hubby Pete Wentz were robbed on a getaway to Costa Rica. They were not able to catch the robbers because they were monkeys - yep you read it right - monkeys.

When the two reported their missing items to the resort workers they were told that it was monkeys and that they like shiny things. It's a good thing the couple still have their hair because they both have some of the greasiest shiniest hair I have ever seen.

Item's missing were: sunglasses, a Sony, Wireseal hat and a favorite make-up bag (unclear on if it was Ashlee's or Pete's).

Now we're not suggesting that the "monkey" scenerio isn't plausible, but if you were in the market to 'lift' some great loot, the "monkey" ploy would be a great way to run a scam in Costa Rica. Leave it to Ashlee and Pete to fall for it hook, line and sinker.

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victoria beckham picture 2

You are wrong if you were thinking that I meant someone stole Victoria's bra. During a Spice Girl concert in Germany on Thursday, Posh Spice was the victim of some nasty thieves. While performing, someone riffled through Victoria Beckham's dressing room and stole clothes, shoes and jewelry.

The robber must not be as fond of the other Spice Girls because all of the other dressing rooms were left alone. Reportedly, the items stolen were worth tens of thousands of dollars. OUCH! I am sure the holidays will still be great for Beckham.

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 kirsten dunst

Two burglars sneaked into Kirsten Dunst's room at the Soho Grand Hotel and swiped a $13,000 handbag, wallets, cash, cameras and an iPod.
Jarrod Beinerman and an accomplice took a guest elevator to the floor below Dunst’s suite and then took a freight elevator up to the penthouse level. From there it wasn’t very difficult: the scheming duo walked through an open door into the penthouse sweet and made off with the goods.

The robbery occurred after Dunst, actor Simon Pegg and an assistant left the penthouse in the Soho Grand Hotel early Aug. 9 to shoot scenes for her new film, "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People."

Dunst has a $13,000 handbag?  Hmmm, maybe she could afford to buy herself some style at some point.