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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

I know you have all been waiting for years! Well, you can finally breathe now. A Mrs. Doubtfire sequel is GOING to happen.

Robin WIlliams as Mrs Doubtfire pic

Ok, I know it' s been a while..and maybe you don't even know who Mrs. Doubtfire is...well, dust of your VHS tapes people and get on board!

The 1993 comedy celebrated it's 20th anniversary last year (OMG)..and it turns out that star, Robin Williams and Director, Chris Columbus have finally found a script they both like. They've been pitched sequel ideas for ages now, so this one MUST be good.

Anyhow, with both Robin and Chris signed up, hopefully they can get Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan back as well!

So fun!

Posted by Meg
sarah michelle geller to team with robin williams

Former 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has signed on to co-star with comedic actor Robin Williams, 61, in an upcoming CBS sitcom 'Crazy Ones.'

The premise of the comedy will have father and daughter operating the Roberts and Roberts Advertising Agency.  Gellar's character Sydney is the company creative director who spends much of her time parenting her father Simon.

Co-starring as a copywriter at the agency is 'Political Animals' actor James Wolk.

A pilot is in the works that will be directed by Jason Winter of 'Modern Family' and '1600 Penn' fame.

Like all pilot projects, it will be up the the network to give the green light for additional episodes or declare it DOA.  Gellar has experienced the latter first hand after a family comedy that she was recently developing failed to move off the starting block.

The 35-year-old has been married for a decade to Freddie Prinze, Jr.  They have a daughter Charlotte, 3, and an infant son Rocky who was born in September 2012.

Photos:  WENN

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Posted by Missy
robin williams wedding

Oscar winner Robin Williams, 60, married graphic designer Susan Schneider at the Meadowood Resort in the Napa Valley town of St. Helena, California on Sunday.

Robin and Susan met shortly before he underwent aortic heart valve replacement surgery in 2009.  Their relationship grew stronger, according to the comedian, as she nursed him back to health at his L.A. home.

Days before the big wedding Schneider told the San Francisco Chronicle that she was "so excited and thrilled."

On hand to witness the nuptials were Robin's children Zachary, 28, Zelda, 22 and Cody, 19.  Celebrity guests included Billy Crystal, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas.

It is Williams' third marriage.

Photo Credit:  Joseph Marzullo-WENN

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Posted by Missy

Comedic actor Robin Williams is busy promoting his upcoming movie The Greatest Dad and is set to resume his comedy tour Weapons of Self-Destruction.

Williams was a guest on The Jay Leno Show last night.    He spoke about his latest film project, a dark comedy that has been well received by the critics.  In the film Robin has a nude scene and Leno asked why it took Robin so long to finally do a nude scene and he responded, "Saving the best for last."

Weapon's of Self Destruction Tour will resume on Sept. 30th in Bloomington, Indiana.  The 30-date gig will wrap on November 28th - view tour schedule here. He had to curtail the tour earlier this year when he underwent major surgery to replace a heart valve.

Robin's website addressed a rumor that the comedian was planning to play singer Susan Boyle in an upcoming movie.  No truth to this one, which undoubtedly got its start because of Williams previous role as Mrs. Doubtfire.

Watch Robin's interview with Leno below.

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Posted by Missy

World's Greatest Dad star Robin Williams took his 'funny' a little too far on Wednesday night when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.  One thing is certain--he kept the network censor guys very busy.

Not wasting too much time, Robin's 'crazy' kicked in right away when he hit the stage.   He took a pen from Kimmel's desk and pretended to hoover a line of cocaine off of the hosts desk and acted out snorting it.  Kimmel replied with, "I KNOW they told you to stop doing that."

During the interview Williams was questioned about his heart valve replacement.  He turned it into a joke and pretended it was a baboon heart and that the "side effect" was masturbating in public.  The censors blurred out the act on television.

That wasn't the only thing that got bleeped.  Williams was also talking about strippers and names that would be appropriate for that profession--Tiny Vagina was one of his picks.  The comedian poked fun at Jermaine Jackson's son Jermajesty's name, then shrugging with resignation..."We're gonna get letters anyway."

Check out the video of the decidedly irreverent Robin Williams on Kimmel below.

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Posted by Meg
robin williams is all heart

Comedian Robin Williams was a guest on The David Letterman Show last night.  The actor talked about his recent surgery to replace several defective heart valves and even brought a photo of his surgical scar.  Letterman has also had quadruple bypass surgery so the two really got into the telling of their surgical war stories.

According to Williams, he was touring in Florida when he began experiencing shortness of breath.  Doctors determined that he was suffering a serious medical condition and needed surgery within two weeks time.   He had the procedure at the renowned Cleveland Clinic and has since fully recovered.  In a serious moment he said, "You do get a second lease on life, and it's a gift."

Robin also talked about his new adventure comedy Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, scheduled for a May 22 theater release.

Check out the videos below and a photo of Robin Williams' chest scar.

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Posted by Meg
robin williams aortic value replacement surgery

Robin Williams, 57, has been forced  to cancel the remainder of his one man comedy tour dates because he will undergo open heart surgery to replace a defective aortic value.  He checked into a South Florida hospital earlier this week with shortness of breath.  No word on where the procedure will be performed.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, 83 underwent the same procedure on Wednesday and is reported to be doing remarkably well in her recovery.

The comic's publicist Mara Baxbaum confirmed that the remaining tour dates for Weapons of Self-Destruction have been canceled for now.  According to Robin's website, the tour is expected to resume in the fall.

Williams issued the following statement:  "I'm so touched by everyone's support and well wishes.  This tour has been so much fun and I can't wait to get back on the road after a little tune-up."

Check out Williams in a comedy skit that he performed for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles - video below.

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Posted by Missy


Funny man Robin Williams was supposed to perform today and tomorrow at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida but doctors have advised him to rest instead.

Williams was experiencing shortness of breath and decided to pay a visit to his doctor, who recommended that the comedian take a week off.  That means that not only will he have to cancel his Hard Rock gig, but also his Friday performance at the UFC Arena in Orlando and Saturday at the Sundome in Tampa.

There are reports circulating that the entertainer was actually hospitalized and in ICU at a Miami hospital after experiencing heart symptoms.

His fans needn't worry because the shows will be rescheduled.  They'll just have to wait a bit longer.  This tour consists of 80 cities and is called Weapons of Self -Destruction.

Best wishes to Robin.

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Posted by Missy

Comedian and actor Robin Williams, 57, is currently in the middle of a divorce with his wife of nineteen years Marsha Garces.  Garces filed to end their marriage back in March.

Rumors are flying that Williams is seeing a much younger woman who was first presumed to be the daughter of Tommy Hilfiger, 23 year old daughter Ally Hilfiger.  Robin was seen leaving Ally's apartment on election night.

It turns out that he was indeed at Hilfiger's residence with her friend Charlotte Filbert who is a 27 years old artist who sells oil and acrylic paintings through her website.

Check out Charlotte in our photo gallery below.

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Posted by Missy
robin williams and family

After 19 years of marriage Robin Williams and wife Marsha Garces Williams filed for divorce back in March. Robin sat down for an interview with daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres this morning and spoke frankly about his divorce.
I'm lucky, you know, with someone like Marsha, and we have amazing kids and it's not a slash and burn. I think a lot of times divorce can be like circumcision with a weed whacker, but the idea that it's going with love, I think, is important. And for me it's been...a good thing."

Ellen who was a gracious host was happy that the circumstances were working out for them and said if divorce is inevitable this is the way it should go for couples.

Marsha and Robin have two children together - Zelda, 18, and Cody, 16. Best wishes to them both.

Check out the video of the comedian's humorous take on the political campaign from his appearance on Ellen below.

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