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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Selena Gomez left a recovery program weeks ahead of schedule back in February, and now family and friends are reportedly urging the troubled singer to check herself back into rehab.

Sources say Selena is partying harder than ever these days and those closest to Gomez are concerned for her health.

Selena was reportedly in a good place after leaving rehab and had no trouble maintaining sobriety for the first few weeks.

Then, as you might have guessed, trouble started started around the time that Selena got back together with Justin Bieber and started hanging with his crew of hard-partiers.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

The on-again, off-again couple reportedly got way out of control over this past holiday weekend:

"Selena was definitely feeling no pain at 4th of July festivities in Malibu," says one onlooker. "There were numerous trips to the bathroom...Selena would emerge several minutes later, giggling and holding her nose."

Oh, Justin - is there anything you can't screw up. Let's hope this girl gets the help she needs STAT.

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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Sadly, you read that headline right. 

After years off off-again, on-again drama Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

The first hint at a reconciliation came a few days ago when Justin tweeted and deleted a photo of himself and Selena with a caption that read, "Our love is unconditional."

Today we received hard evidence in the form of an Instagram video that shows the pop star couple laughing and canoodling together at a birthday party for a mutual friend.

Selena reportedly never left Justin's side during the party and earlier the same day she was spotted holding the Biebs tightly as they cruised the beach on his three-wheeler.

Surprisingly, sources say the scandal involving Bieber's racist "jokes" actually helped reunite the couple, as Selena felt that she could help Justin through the difficult time that followed.

We'll keep you posted on the ever-changing status of this troubled relationship.

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by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

Another fan bites the dust.  Jon Stewart majorly dissed Selena Gomez on the May 7 episode of the Daily Show, telling Seth Rogen that Justin Bieber ruined her.

While interviewing Rogen, Stewart brought up Rogen's unpleasant encounters with Biebs.  During the discussion, Stewart shared that what bothered him most was the impact Bieber has had on Selena Gomez.

Jon Stewart Picture

"I have young children. And [Selena] was the winner of the family wizard competition on Wizards of Waverley Place,” Jon explained. “They were engaged in a battle for four years and she ended up winning. My kids really respected that victory.”

Seth responded with the question, “And it’s diminished by her association with Justin Bieber?”

“How do I explain that to them? She was a wizard and now she’s hanging out with a douchebag,” Jon said, shaking his head.

Don't worry, Jon.  The confusion is widespread.  Selena is such a doll.  And not.

Photo:  WENN

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by Casey Blake Lively at . Comments

So as we shared with you yesterday, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are back to being besties again. All is right in the world!

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez

They shot that cute video together at the Met Ball, basically publicly announcing their reunited friendship to the world....but how did it happen??

A source is telling Hollywood Life “Selena was the one who initiated the reunion with Taylor at the Met Gala. Selena contacted Taylor before the event and told her how excited she was to see her ...She has totally forgiven Taylor for not wanting her to date Justin and now fully understands why Taylor was being so protective.”

Awww, Taylor was right. That's not a shocker, is it?

The source goes onto say, "Selena didn’t diss Kendall at the ball, but they didn’t hang out. Selena was not about to waste her time when she was having so much fun with Taylor. Taylor has a unique way of cheering Selena up, because she knows her so well and really does look out for her"

True BFF.

Love it.

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by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

Reunited?  Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were adorable at the Met Gala in a video Gomez posted to her Instagram account.

"And during...sometimes you just wanna be with someone who knows all your secrets," Gomez captioned the video, which showed the pair dancing and cozying up in their gorgeous gowns.

Taylena famously parted ways awhile back amidst Gomez's on again off again relationship with troubled singer Justin Bieber.  Bieber has since been spotted out with Selena's former friends, the Jenners, and Gomez has been acting odd on social media.

It was reported that Taylor had tried to reach out to Gomez, to no avail.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that their friendship is officially back ON!!

How cute are they?  Love this.

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by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

Burying the bedazzled hatchet?  US Weekly is reporting that Selena Gomez has "no issue" with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, ending a small feud that started a couple weeks ago.

Earlier this month, Gomez abruptly unfollowed the pair on Instagram, and rumors began flying that it had to do with the Jenner sisters' behavior at Coachella.  Apparently Kylie and Kendall were flirting with Selena's on again/off again love Justin Bieber while the group was hanging out.

Jenners and Selena Gomez at Coachella

"Selena felt Kylie was flirting with Justin," a source told US Weekly. Adds another source, "It got messy.  Selena said the Jenner girls were flirting with Justin and his crew. She was pissed and overreacted."

I guess it's all water under the bridge, because US Weekly quotes another source who said, "Selena has no issues with the Jenner girls. They had an issue but they have cleared it upShe has always liked the Jenner girls. They had been fans of Selena since they were young."

Also, can we talk about how old "Been fans of Selena since they were young" makes me FEEL.  Old.  Dusty old.  Good grief.
Hopefully making peace doesn't mean hanging out again.  I'm Team Taylor all the way. 
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by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

A friend in need?  Despite a bitter break-up, Taylor Swift has been reaching out to Selena Gomez in her time of need.

According to Hollywood Life, Swift became concerned after reports that Gomez fired her parents and stopped following everyone on Instagram.  She has attempted calling, emailing, and texting Gomez, to no avail.

"Selena is not in the mood," an insider told Hollywood Life.

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez

Not in the mood for someone to care about you?  Ummmmm...ok?  Has she forgotten that T Sweezy makes a darn good cookie?

The insider continued, “She feels like Taylor is going to say ‘told you so.’ But Taylor is truly concerned. There’s not much more she can do. It’s a two way street and Selena needs to make an effort too,”

Or maybe Gomez is too busy drowning her sorrows in Orlando Bloom's curly locks?

Only time will tell.

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by Casey Blake Lively at . Comments

No, I'm breaking up with YOU!

The Jenner sisters fire back after reports that Selena Gomez dumped them as friends and calling them "toxic".

Jenners and Selena Gomez at Coachella

Things are looking pretty sketch for Selena these days. What is happening with her?

Well, after she dumped all her Instagram follows, fired Taylor Swift from being her BFF and 86'd her folks as her managers she decided the Jenner sisters were too toxic for her blood.

Well, turns out she Gomez herself is the poison.

Kendall and Kylie are speaking out saying SELENA is the bad influence. Oh snap!

A source tells TMZ, “Not only do Kendall and Kylie eschew drugs and alcohol … they believe Selena’s the real drama-obsessed party girl. After all, she’s the one who’s been to rehab".

Sources also say that Justin Bieber might have been at the root of the problem, flirting with the Jenners...apparently that didn't go over too well with Selena.

The saga continues.

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by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

Religion over rehab?  Sources are saying that Selena Gomez has turned to religion after briefly entering, then checking herself out of rehab recently.

The "Love You Like a Love Song" singer has made a LOT of changes lately, firing her parents, unfollowing Bieber, and unfriending the Jenners...and apparently, it is all an effort to remove the toxic things from her life.

The star feels that she is missing spirituality, and that might help solve the problems she's been having.  What problems, I'm not exactly sure...but maybe this is one of them.

What do you think?  Can Gomez get back on track?


by Katy Perry Ellis at . Comments

Unlikely pair?  Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were spotted hanging out Saturday night, sparking some major rumors!

The 21 year old "Come and Get It" singer and 36 year old "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor were spotted at Chelsea Handler's Uganda Be Kidding Me comedy show in LA.  They were even photographed sitting outside on a curb together.  Both are currently single, Selena recently unfollowing on and off again boyfriend Justin Bieber on Instagram and Bloom splitting from wife Miranda Kerr.

Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom photo

Back in March, Gomez and Bloom spent time together at We Day California, a conference meant to inspire young people and call them to action.  Gomez even shared a photo of herself with Bloom, his arm draped over her shoulder, with the caption, "#WeDay - unbelievable time.  So inspired and hopefully encouraged many!!"

Gomez has made quite a few changes in her life lately, firing her parents as managers, hiring Katy Perry's manager, and breaking up with the Jenner sisters.  Could it be that she's replaced Bieber with a better, classier model?
Let's all keep our fingers crossed.
Photo:  WENN
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