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Posted by Missy
ozzy and sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne revealed during a guest appearance on BBC's 'Graham Norton Show' that her biggest regret was the time she spent away from her children while traveling the world with Ozzy in order to manage his band, Black Sabbath.

She acknowledged, "We both worked to continue a lifestyle we had become accustomed to and we had to travel so my kids spent quite a time away from us and you can never get that back."

Osbourne admits, "It was the biggest mistake I ever did, but would I have wanted to live a lesser life?  You make the most of what you have."

the osbournes

Kelly and Jack both publicly struggled with addiction issues but their mother hasn't let that color her high opinion regarding her children.  She stated emphatically, “I don’t know how, but Jack and Kelly came out just great."

Jack is married to Lisa Stelly and they have a daughter, Pearl.  Outspoken Kelly O is engaged to Matthew Mosshart.

the osbourne family

Earlier this year Sharon and Ozzy split because of his drug use but have since reconciled.  She reports,  “He stopped because he knows what he was going to lose, not just me but everything.  He says we’re like bread and butter.  We fit together so perfectly.”

The family dabbled in a reality show 'The Osbourne's'  circa 2002-2005, with oldest daughter Aimee Osbourne posing in promo photos but opting out of appearing with the rest of her family during the four season series.  She is now 30 and continues to keep a very low profile -- unlike her siblings who have both gravitated to television.

ozzie and sharon reality show promo pic

For the record, we didn't miss one episode of 'The Osbourne's'  and can still vividly recall Ozzy yelling S-H-A-R-O-N. Good times!

Check out Sharon's interview below:

Photo Credit: WENN
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Posted by Missy
sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne publicly apologize to the ladies of 'The View' during her own show 'The Talk' on Thursday.

She claims to be very sorry for dissing Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd during a guest appearance on the 'Arsenio Hall Show.'

Osbourne was comparing the two talk shows when she acknowledged that Barbara Walters  is "divine" and "superhuman."

That is where the praise stopped.  She added, “The rest can go f*** themselves.”  Sharon was drinking something from a red plastic solo cup that she promptly tossed over her shoulder for emphasis.

Arsenio seemed pleased with Sharon's lewd remark and let out a “Woop, woop!” before tossing his own drink over his shoulder as the rest of 'The Talk' crew looked slight aghast.

Jenny McCarthy, the newest panelist on 'The View,' had this to say about the snafu, “Sharon and I have been friends a very long time. I love Sharon and I love ‘The Talk.’ She sent me flowers two weeks ago.”

After sleeping it off, Osbourne backpedaled Thursday on 'The Talk,' "I want to apologize to Jenny, Sherri and Whoopi, who are all accomplished, self-made women who have amazing careers. They have achieved so much. Please understand, it was my irreverent, irreverent behavior and no disrespect meant. And I'm not a person that is mean. I'm really not and I apologize."

Co-host Julie Chen stuck up for Osbourne, "It was a joke. That's what everyone needs to know. We love the ladies of The View."

It should come as no surprise that Kelly Osbourne is definitely her mother's daughter.  She is often known for ranting on Twitter -- recently telling Lady Gaga to "eat my s*it."  She later apologized.

Photo Credit: WENN

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Posted by Meg
sharon osbourne and jay leno had a fling

During a special segment on 'The Talk' Monday, Sharon Osbourne revealed that she had a fling with Jay Leno 35 years ago.

Each of the show's co-hosts will tell a "Big Secret" this week and it was Mrs. O's turn to dish first -- and so she did.

She began her tale by stating, "It's not like it's a dirty little secret.  When I was 25, I just moved to America.  I had met Ozzy but we weren't together.  We were just friends.  I never did date a lot at that time, anyway, because I was not very dateable."

She and a friend watched Leno performing his comedy routine, and Osbourne thought he was "very nice, very funny."

Thus began a series of phone calls to him because, she admits, "he liked my voice."

According to Sharon, "One thing led to another.  He came to my house and met me and then we had a little fling.  The fling was more fling for me and not fling enough for him."

"A couple of months into it he brought around the real love of his life for me to meet.  She was lovely and they took me to Fat Burger and they showed me around town.  They were so kind to me and we have continued the friendship over the years."

When quizzed by her co-hosts, she couldn't or wouldn't recall if he was a good lover but she did acknowledge that he was a good kisser.  So there you have it...

For the record, Leno, 63, married Mavis Nicholson in 1980.  She is a leading feminist in California who prefers to work behind the scene of the non-profit Feminist Majority Foundation.

Check out the video discussion of Mrs. O's fling below:

Photos:  WENN, Twitter-Sharon Osbourne
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Posted by Missy
sharon and ozzy osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne are back under the same roof after splitting several months ago - a positive sign that the heavy metal vocalist is getting his act together.

The couple attended the Daytime Emmy Awards over the weekend and locked lips for photographers.  It appears they are in a much better place than they were in April.

While Sharon was in Mexico on hiatus from her co-hosting duties on 'The Talk,' Ozzie hit Facebook to announce their marital split in a candid statement detailing his demons.

Sharon confirmed,' “He said he’s been using alcohol and prescription drugs for the last year and a half, and that he’s been an a–hole and he’s been in a very dark place.  That’s true.  That’s very true.”

ozzy and sharon osbourne1

In order to ensure her husband's continued success, Mrs. O has hired a "sober team" to monitor him 24/7 and help keep him on the straight and narrow.

The Black Sabbath rocker and his television host wife of 30 years have three children:  Kelly, Jack and Aimee.

We think that Ozzie is a lucky man indeed to have such a supportive wife in his corner.

Photo Credit: FayesVision-WENN

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Posted by Meg

Sharon Osbourne and her son Jack Osbourne were honored Friday night at the 20th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala at the Hyatt Regency in Century City, California.

The co-host of 'The Talk' and her son received awards for their charity work to bring awareness to the autoimmune disease MS.

Jack was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in June 2012 after experiencing numbness in his legs and partial blindness.

Sharon quit 'America's Got Talent' in a feud with NBC and the producers of 'Stars Earn Stripes' when they discriminated against her son, who had been slated to appear as a celebrity competitor until news of his medical condition became public knowledge.

The network abruptly rescinded their offer--claiming the medical condition would make it too dangerous for Jack Osbourne to compete.   Suffice it to say ... Sharon was livid.

The star-studded guests last night included Kelly Osbourne, 'DWTS' pros Chelsie Hightower and Anna Trebunskaya, 'America's Got Talent' judge Howie Mandel, veteran entertainer Rod Stewart, and the mother-daughter duo of Sybil Shepherd and Clementine Ford.

Other celebs gracing the red carpet: Catherine Bell, Daisy Fuentes, Gloria Allred, Jeffre Phillips and LaToya Jackson.

Photos:  FayesVision-WENN

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Posted by Meg
sharon osbourne talks about addict husband

'The Talk' co-host Sharon Osbourne discussed her husband's addiction issues during Tuesday's show, her first opportunity to address rumors since the show returned after a one-week hiatus.

Ozzy Osbourne admitted on Facebook recently that he and his wife have been living apart as he tried to deal with some serious problems that have deeply affected the family for the past eighteen months.

Sharon admits, "He said he's been using alcohol and prescription drugs for the last year and a half, and that he's been an a-- and he's been in a very dark place.  That's true.  That's very true."

She reiterated what Ozzy told his Facebook followers, "We're not getting a divorce.  However, am I happy? No.  Am I upset? Yes I am.  I'm devastated right now."

The former 'America's Got Talent' judge revealed, "It's a a disease that not only hurts the person that has the disease but it hurts the family.  It hurts people who love you.  We're dealing with it.  We've dealt with worse.  We're dealing with it and this too shall pass."

What if he doesn't get his life turned around?  Sharon was pretty clear on that matter.  She said, "Otherwise, my husband will be taken to the hospital to get my foot removed from his ass."

Check out the video below:

 Photo:  WENN
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Posted by Missy
ozzy and sharon osbourne split

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife of 30 years, Sharon Osbourne, have reportedly separated but he isn't writing off the marriage just yet.

According to the Black Sabbath singer, they will attempt to work through their current obstacles.

It has been a crazy year for the family.  Sharon underwent a preventive double mastectomy, Jack was diagnosed with MS and Kelly suffered a mysterious seizure while filming an episode of 'Fashion Police' on E!.

Ozzy has struggled for decades with alcohol and drug addiction and last night he posted the following message on Facebook:

ozzy osbourne facebook

Sharon recently moved into a Beverly Hills property and Ozzy is living in a rented home just a few miles away.

With 'The Talk' on hiatus this week, Sharon has been enjoying some R&R at the Esperanza Resort in Cabo, Mexico.

The famous couple have three children, Jack, Amy and Kelly.

Photo Credit: WENN, Ozzy Osbourne Facebook

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Posted by Andrea
jessica simpson buys osbourne house

Jessica Simpson is in escrow to buy Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne's former 11,000 square-foot mansion in Hidden Hills, and plans to turn The Talk co-host's walk-in closet into baby No. 2's nursery.

"She's already met with designers!" a source tells Us Magazine.

The 6 bedroom, 10 bathroom Cape Cod-inspired house was listed at $13 million, and features a grand staircase framing large windows. Outside, there is a large swimming pool and patio with expansive views of downtown Los Angeles.

See photos below.

more photos at Zillow blog

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Posted by Missy
ozzy and sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne and her husband Ozzy woke up early this morning to a fire blazing in their living room caused by a candle that they had forgotten to extinguish.

The Beverly Hills Fire Department arrived at the Osbourne home at shortly before 5:00 a.m. and quickly put out a fire that was sparked when a glass vase holding a candle exploded and ignited a small blaze.

'The Talk' co-host had this to say during her CBS gig today:

"Everybody is fine. There was only Ozzy, myself and the dogs in the house last night.  At five o' clock in the morning, I heard a noise like metal had fallen. I thought it was my housekeeper coming in and she had dropped her keys on the tiles, that's what it sounded like, so I didn't pay any attention."

"A few minutes later, my eyes are stinging and my throat's closing up, I thought, 'Something's weird smelling in here.'  Then my dog started to bark.  I go downstairs and the whole living room was on fire. The candle had burst and the cracking sound was the glass and the candle exploding..."

"My husband had an operation on his hand yesterday so he's in a complete cast... He comes down and goes, 'Oh, the fire, the fire!' and tries to put it out with his hand in the cast. Then he opens the French doors and I go into the kitchen and throw water on it and it erupted."

"Ozzy's front of his hair from his ear down is, gone!  His eyebrows are gone!  He's got like, skinned cheeks. We are, like, two idiots, it was like The Three Stooges... Everything you are not meant to do — go to bed with candles alight, open the doors and put water on — we did it all."

"I apologize to my husband because he put himself out. He made his hand worse, it started to bleed, the whole nine yards, and I'm sorry and I love you and I will never light a candle again."

Sharon later tweeted this message:

sharon osbourne tweet

Photo Credit: WENN

Posted by Meg
lady gaga brings out the bully in the osbourne women

Sharon Osbourne is on the warpath against Lady Gaga after learning that the singer called her daughter Kelly Osbourne a "bully" in an open letter.

Gaga posted a message to the co-host of 'E! Fashion Police' that said in part, "I feel it culturally important to note that you have chosen a less compassionate path.  Your work on E! with the Fashion Police is rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people's beauty against one another.  Appearance is the most used reason for bullying in the world.  Your show breeds negativity. You and Joan Rivers point at the camera, laugh, and make jokes about artists and celebrities as if we are zoo animals."

She ended the letter by reaching out to Kelly, "I hope you consider the power of your voice.  Let's work together and make 2013 a year of unity."

Sharon Osbourne fired off her own letter after her daughter started receiving hate-filled messages and death threats, "A word from you would stop all these hideous, negative and vile threats from your 'little monsters.'  You know it would have been much more dignified of you to do this privately.  I am calling you a bully because you have 33 million followers hanging on your every word."

Then she showed her claws and got snarky, "You say Kelly's work on E! with the Fashion Police is 'rooted in criticism, judgement, and rating people's beauty against one another.'  Welcome to the real world.  By your actions to Kelly right now, you have shown me that you are nothing more than a publicity seeking hypocrite and an attention seeker."

Kelly Osbourne tweeted last night, "I hope you guys realize that I don't care about any of this bullsh*t!  I know who I am I don't need anyone to tell me!  love to all xoxo"

The verdict is still out ... are the Osbourne women bullies or is Gaga just trying to stir up some controversy in a very public forum?

Photos:  WENN

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