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by Meg at . Comments
vanilla ice has a sense of humor

In a nod to the recent tattoos that Miley Cyrus had inked on the soles of her feet, Vanilla Ice rapper Robert Van Winkle posted an amusing Twitter selfie.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer got the words 'Rolling' and '$tone' permanently etched on the balls of her feet to commemorate her appearance on the October cover of the iconic magazine.

In the article, Miley talked about mentoring Justin Bieber -- warning him that he is not being taken seriously and she fears people will "think he's Vanilla Ice."

Instead of being offended by the intentional slam, the rapper felt honored to be mentioned by MC and thinks he understands what 19-year-old Bieber is experiencing.

He acknowledged, "It's like living an artificial life.  When the dust settles, no one can figure it out or help you but yourself."

Vanilla Ice was at the top of the charts in the 90's with his hit 'Ice Ice Baby,' but soon hit the skids with the hip hop crowd.  He is now doing a home renovation cable series, 'Ice My House.'

After reading the Rolling Stone article and checking out the image of Miley's ink, he posted a photo of his own handiwork that featured 'Miley' and 'Cyru$' on his own feet.  He captioned the pic, "WORD TO YOUR MOTHER! LMAO!"

miley inks rolling tone

Photos:  Twitter-Vanilla Ice, Twitter-Miley Cyrus

by Meg at . Comments
miley cyrus rocks tatts on her feet

Clearly there isn't much Miley Cyrus hasn't flaunted recently and that trend continued today with a shared image of her latest tattoos.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer posted an Instagram photo featuring a partial shot of her face and the newly-inked balls of her feet.  She captioned the pic, "#rattatattat @RollingStone"

She decided it would be fitting to have 'ROLLING' and '$TONE' permanently tattooed under her tootsies after appearing topless on the cover of the October 10 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Regarding her VMA performance, MC told RS, "America is just so weird in what they think is right and wrong.  I wasn't trying to be sexy.  If I was trying to be sexy, I could have been sexy.  I can dance a lot better than I was dancing."

Cyrus considers Kanye West a "homie" because he flattered her after she left the stage at the VMA's.  The 'We Can't Stop' singer revealed, "He told me, 'There are not a lot of artists I believe in more than you right now.'  The whole room went silent.  I just kept repeating that over and over in my mind."

Miley claims to be the victim of a double standard, "No one is talking about the man behind the ass.  It was a lot of 'Miley twerks on Robin Thicke,' but never, 'Robin Thicke grinds up on Miley.'  They're only talking about the one that bent over."

miley does yet another nude photo shoot

Photos:  Instagram-Miley Cyrus

by Andrea at . Comments
celebrity tattoos megan fox tattoo

It's not really surprising to learn that many celebrities love tattoos, nor is it surprising that those who are in the public eye and in the media have quite a significant influence on the American population's fascination with tattoos. The stars have tattoos, so all of their fans want tattoos also. For celebrities, age is not a factor; older stars as well as the younger ones have them. We know all of these people-- but how much do we know about what unique styles of artwork they have?

One of America's most longtime popular movie stars, Robert DeNiro, has appeared in movies sporting numerous tattoos. Whether or not his fans realize that they are only accessories for his films, the fact is in real life Robert DeNiro has only one tattoo, that of a black panther. Another actor who shows off many tattoos in his movies is Johnny Depp; all of his, however, are real. Bruce Willis also has a few tattoos; most notably the symbol of his movie "Die Hard."

Tattoos have long been in style with musicians. Former teen idol Justin Timberlake has a guardian angel, amongst others. Rapper Eminem has more tattoos than can be counted, including his daughter's name and his own. The wording on Keith Urban's wrist, "Omni Vincit Amor" is Latin for 'Love Conquers All;' he also has an eagle on one arm.

Some sports celebrities also go for tattoos. Michael Jordan has his fraternity symbol tattooed above his heart, while Dennis Rodman is a virtual canvas of artwork.

Not to be outdone, many female stars also show various degrees of artwork. Actress Drew Barrymore is essentially a canvas full of tattoos; it is said that she created most of the designs herself. Reese Witherspoon is more subtle, wearing only one small star tattoo which is rarely visible. Pamela Anderson has a variety of tattoos also, the most notable being the word 'Mommy' on one finger, which reportedly used to read 'Tommy.' Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has five stars to represent each member of her family, her husband's initials, and the traditional Jewish phrase 'I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine.'

Some of today's supermodels also sport tattoos. Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, and Stephanie Seymour all have these permanent forms of fashion accessories. Most supermodels who opt for tattoos show fewer and smaller designs than celebrities in other fields.

While many celebrities have had tattoos for a very long time, the popularity of tattoos amongst stars has been increasing, both in the number of celebrities who have them and the number of tattoos that they have. A very few have only one tattoo; more and more are taking on a large number of tattoos as well as more and more visible tattoos, using skin as a canvas for nearly unlimited varieties of permanent artwork.

As celebrities show off their tattoos, and this is picked up by the media, it presents an ever-increasing influence for their fans, especially amongst the younger generation, to want to do likewise. As with anything else that stars do in the public eye, their influence with tattoos helps this form of artwork become more widespread, more popular, and more acceptable to most of the American population in general.

Check out our celebrity tattoo photo gallery below.

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selena gomez new tattoo lxxvi on her neck

Tattoo artist to the stars, Bang Bang, can add a new name to the list of celebrities he has inked-- Selena Gomez.

Gomez got LXXVI, the Roman numeral for 76, tattooed on her neck during a visit to Bang Bang's studio on the Lower East Side in NYC.

"I hope you love it girl!" the tattoo guru tweeted to Gomez.

According to Bang Bang, "The tattoo was a tribute to a family member who she said means a lot to her."

"Selena was nervous it might have been painful, so she held her best friend's hand the whole time. But she did a great job," he said.

Selena joins boyfriend Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens, Chris Brown and Swizz Beatz as celebrities inked by the famed tattoo artist.

This is Selena's second tattoo. She had a small heart inked on her right wrist at Hollywood's Under the Gun tattoo shop in February.

photo via Bang Bang's Twitter account

by Andrea at . Comments
chad johnson tattoo of evelyn lozadas face

Chad Johnson is sporting a new tattoo on his right leg of estranged wife Evelyn Lozada's face  -- a bit confusing given that Lozada filed for divorce six weeks into their marriage.

When asked by a Twitter follower, "I really want to know why @ochocinco tatted Evelyn's face on his leg post divorce," Johnson responded "Divorce? Child please... that's my WIFE."

chad johnson tweets about tattoo

Then, after another follower asked, "I thought she filed for divorce tho?", Johnson replied "I dont give a flying pretzel in skittle rainbow hell what she filed for..."
chad johnson tweets about divorce

Johnson was arrested on August 11 for domestic violence after allegedly head-butting Lozada during an argument after the Basketball Wives star found a receipt for condoms in his car. Subsequently, VH1 canceled the couple's upcoming reality show, "Ev & Ocho," and Johnson was released by the Miami Dolphins.

Then reports began surfacing about alleged affairs Johnson had with women he met via Twitter.

Meanwhile in an interview with ABC's Nightline Lozada said she hasn't spoken to her estranged husband since the incident, and probably won't again. When asked what she would like to hear from Johnson, she responded, "I would like for him to tell me he got help and that he's working on himself," adding, “He loves football and he’s very driven and a great dad. He made a bad choice that destroyed his life, and I hate that I’m connected to that…It was his choice, it wasn’t mine.”

Johnson's ordeal was featured on the season finale of HBO's "Hard Knocks," where he discussed the incident that led to him being fired. "How did I even get to this point?," he said. "Somewhere along the way I lost focus. I lost something that I love. I lost two things I love because of my immature actions. I'm going to get both of those things back, one step at a time."

The ex-NFL player's Twitter follower @MontaviousX summed things up with, "You've officially lost it my man."

See a closeup shot of Johnson's tattoo below.

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miley cyrus blonde hair

Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of herself this weekend sporting super blonde hair.

On Saturday, Miley posted the pic above on Twitter, saying, "Now that I'm blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo."

There is speculation that the 19-year-old recently engaged singer is testing out the lighter locks for her upcoming nuptials.

Miley's fiance Liam Hemsworth proposed on May 31st with a 3.5 carat Neil Lane diamond ring.

Blonde hair isn't the only new look Cyrus is sporting. Last week she was seen with a new tattoo on her forearm that reads, "So that his place shall never be with those cold, timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."  The quote is from former president Theodore Roosevelt's "Citizenship in a Republic."

See photos of Miley's new tattoo below.

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rihanna falcon tattoo

Rihanna got a new tattoo on her ankle over the weekend, and posted a photo of the fresh ink on Twitter.

"Falcon sh**!!!!" Rihanna tweeted along with the pic.

Later RiRi followed up with another tweet and photo, "Falcon: a light that always shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep."

rihanna falcon gun tattoo

The new ink may have a double meaning, with many saying the new tat resembles a gun...a bold move in light of the bar brawl between Chris Brown and Drake in the wee hours of Thursday morning.  The two were reportedly fighting over Rihanna.

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jeremy jack bieber and justin bieber share ink

Justin Bieber got some new ink in December and showed it off over the weekend while enjoying a day at Venice Beach with his tattoo-loving father Jeremy Jack Bieber.

It didn't take photographers long to discover that the 17-year-old was sporting a five inch black ink depiction of Jesus Christ on the back of his calf.

While California prohibits the tattooing of minors, it appears that an ink artist was more than willing to accommodate his request.  He and his dad also share identical Hebrew characters below their armpit that spell out 'Jesus' in the biblical language.  We're beginning to see a common theme developing.

The singer isn't a big church-goer.  He revealed in a recent V magazine article, "A lot of people who are religious, I think they get lost.  They go to church just to go to church.  I'm not trying to disrespect them ... but for me, I focus more on praying and talking to Him.  I don't have to go to church."

Check out a video report after the jump:

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beth shak is going for her first ink

Beth Shak, a professional poker player and footwear fanatic, has a closet that is filled to overflowing with 1,200 pairs of shoes, 700 of them by famed designer Christian Louboutin.

The 41-year-old brunette beauty has been a poker pro since 2004, appearing on the World Series of Poker, and Playboy's Poker Tournament 'Aces & Angels' at Hef's mansion.

Shak plans to visit famed tattoo artist Ami James today for her first ever ink experience.  She'll be getting a likeness of a shoe and her Zodiac sign Scorpio on her groin area.

She explained, "I'm a little nervous because I'm a tattoo virgin.  I want it to be covered by a bikini out of respect for my kids.  I do red carpets, but I'm not Angelina Jolie.  I'm not getting a tattoo on my back."

The entire procedure will be captured by TLC for an upcoming episode on the reality series NY Ink.

Check out another pic of Shak rocking a pair of sexy boots and see video of her 20-year collection below:

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megan fox is so over marilyn

For years Megan Fox has sported a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her inner arm but the image is suddenly fading into obscurity.

The Transfomers actress got the tattoo as a warning "not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry so that it breaks me down."

According to the actress, over time the vibe changed for her, "It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."

Fox isn't the first celebrity to have a tattoo removed.  Angelina Jolie removed a tattoo of Billy Bob Thornton, Charlie Sheen removed Denise Richard's name from his body and Paris Hilton also removed a tat honoring her ex Nick Carter.

The laser process to remove unwanted ink is anything but quick.  The tattoo is bombarded by pulses of highly concentrated light that break the ink into tiny fragments, which are then cleared away by the body's immune system.   The process requires multiple treatments to achieve the desired results.

Fox, who married Brian Austin Green in June 2010, continues to sport other body ink, including a back tattoo in Old English text from Act V, Scene III of Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear, "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies."

Celebrity Body Art Photo Gallery

More photos below, including the faded MM tat:

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